New Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots Give a Glimpse on Rogues, Ninjas and 2.4′s Story

Square Enix just released a batch of screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, showcasing the content of the upcoming 2.4 patch, which will mark a turning point for the game, as it will introduce the first new class and job after the re-release last year.

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Clown_Syndr0me1414d ago

Only jjust started playing this, I was very skeptical about an a MMO on a console, and since WoW ive never found one which grasped me.
But this is actually really good, its far deeper than id imagined in terms of classes and I cant beleive how well it handles with a controller.
Only thing that worries me is targetting in raids in the future..

Paprika1414d ago

How are you playing? With control pad on ps4? Tank, DPS or healer? Targeting is much easier with a keyboard so you can assign hot keys to nearest, strongest mobs etc. Also targeting party me members is much simpler.

Clown_Syndr0me1414d ago

Yeah Im on PS4, levelling a DPS right now but intend on Tanking later on. I may have to switch to M&K when it comes to endgame.

KillaManiac1414d ago

I heal on my PS4 and it works VERY well imo.

Lou Ferrigno1414d ago

That's what the L1 button is for bro.. Switch targets at ease.. They did a phenomenal job with the controller integration with FF XIV, so in depth.

Whether it's PVP raids, or PVE raids.. That L1 button is magical and can be a life saver. :)

Jubez1871414d ago

R2>L1 goes left, L2>R1 goes right. Also, I keep a macro that targets "mark1" and I keep the Target to Attack 1 on my cross bar.

For raiding, don't worry. It's usually only 1 boss anyways. And max is like 2 adds. Very easy to handle with the controller.

Also, if you hold L1 and go up/down on the D-Pad you'll cycle through the enemy list (on the left-hand side of the screen). However, know that this only does SUB-TARGETTING and you'll have to hit X to confirm the target. I use this method only if there's about 4+ mobs on the screen.

pasta_spice1414d ago

The new screens look great.

Crystallis1414d ago

Ninja Ninja Ninja!!!! Now All i need is samurai and I'm all set.

Tdmd1414d ago

Ninjas must be a dps class, right? I only played as paladin so far, so this would be a really nice change of pace!

izumo_lee1414d ago

Yup Ninjas will be a DPS class which for me is gonna suck. Being a bard the que times for duties are bad enough already, now with Ninjas it is gonna suck even more.

Which is why i'm leveling up a scholar now before the patch hits.