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aviator1891413d ago

Wow...Horizon 2 beat out Smash??
That's unexpected, really.

Geobros1413d ago

The xbox one version yes but not x360 version.

Foehammer1413d ago

Indeed, FH2 is the top exclusive, and considering the smaller install base, well done.

Not surprising as the scores for this are really good.

green1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I really hope it sells very well because in my opinion, FH2 is the most fun i have had in a racing game since PGR3, 9 years ago. The game is simply amazing.

starrman19851413d ago

Indeed, I went into it expecting a bit of fun and was blown away by it! It's so vibrant and when you're racing off road drifting through fields with the sun glaring you just feel awesome!

ABizzel11413d ago

The UK is the exact opposite of Japan, where consoles dominate and handhelds just get by. The 3DS has a bigger install base, but the fact is that UK gamers are console gamers first, so it's not too surprising.

As huge as something like Pokemon is, it only launched to just over 150k units in the UK.

spacedelete1413d ago

its very shocking. Forza H2 is on Xbox One with a low userbase whereas Smash Bros is not only on a handheld with over 45 million but its one of if not the biggest exclusive Nintendo has.

hello121413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

5 million plus and shipped was in April 2014, Microsoft has not said anything since, and it has to be higher now the userbase is growing. Please don't say Playstation has a larger userbase guys we know that.

Forza Horizon got great review scores and the demo was impressive, so its not surprising people bought in the UK

In regards to Fifa 15 well is that not prove more people are still using the 360 to play the big titles. Still lot of x box users not gone next gen yet.

Metro looked at the statistics for Fifa 15 and it was roughly 34% each for the PS4 and 360, that's startling if you think about it.

ABizzel11412d ago


It's UK only, and 3DS only has 2.5m user base there, XBO only has 700k.

But like I said earlier, the UK are the exact opposite of Japan where they buy home consoles, and handhelds just get by, Smash is huge, but Pokemon is bigger and it only did 150k in the UK at launch.

Gamer19821412d ago

Smash Bros WiiU will be the bigger seller not many want it on 3DS..

mhunterjr1413d ago

That is surprising, but Forza Horizon 2 is a kick ass game. Saying it's my favorite racing game ever sells it short... it's one of my favorite games ever, and IMO, the xb1 version is the best game of the current gen so far.

system221413d ago

I didn't even want it. Then the demo came. Now I can't stop playing it.

mhunterjr1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


I'm the same. I skipped fh1, and now I feel like I might have missed a gem. The fh2 demo blew me away, and lead me to buy my first racing game since pgr4

ramiuk11413d ago

skate 3 still selling wow.
are bundles included because every shop seems to be doing the fifa bundle on ps4,xb1

Jaqen_Hghar1413d ago

A man is still pissed that Smash for 3DS coming out now and Smash for WiiU isn't coming out till Nov 21 possibly. That's just terrible! The 3DS version is infinitely less appealing the game is better with 4 players on a big screen! Why not release it sooner and give a man more time with it instead of releasing JUST before BF!?

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-Einhert-1413d ago

Damn YEAH go on the Shadow of Mordor, very well deserved!

Here is hoping for a sequel!

Fishy Fingers1413d ago

I'll second that. Based on the reception it's recieved they'd be crazy not to turn it into a franchise.

TarZ1413d ago

Fully agree, No idea why people would disagree, probably just fanboys?

Jaqen_Hghar1413d ago

Why do people start worrying about sequels when a game JUST came out (or even before it comes out sometimes nowadays)? Just enjoy it and if a sequel comes then great but that's a thing to think about at E3 or something. Just enjoy the moment please!

Ryan7411413d ago

Always surprised me Second Son never hung in the charts longer. If they do a another I hope they bring back Cole.

SuperLupe1413d ago

Yep especially since Titanfall is still in the charts and they both came out at the same time and PS4 has a larger install base.

spacedelete1413d ago

Infamous has zero replay value. as a PS4 owner i haven't picked it up as i'm not wasting money on short games with no replay value. it will be free on PlayStation plus soon enough anyway once they start giving AAA games.

Gamer19821412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Thing is marketing wise Titanfall had a massive marketing budget so even after it came out people still remember it unlike infamous. Most people never really heard of the first 2. Also titanfall a shooter there HUGE in UK just like the US. Its why its MS second home.

mhunterjr1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I'm not really surprised. Great game, but it wasn't high on content, especially by open-world standards. Simply renting it or buying it used could get you a pretty full experience without paying msrp.

Jaqen_Hghar1413d ago

No no no. Cinematic games, even open world ones, are always highly replayable. A man only keeps certain games that he knows he can go back to once a year at least and enjoy the ride again. That is why Infamous SS has made its way into that exclusive club (most are re-sold on ebay). It's like enjoying a great movie a second time. You know the end but the ride is as enjoyable as ever.

mhunterjr1412d ago


What are you talking about? Compared to other open world games, infamous ss is disappointingly lacking in reasons to spend more than 20hrs on it.

qwerty6761413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


looks like ukers still dont want to give up their 360s

Webbyy1413d ago

Yea, it's looking like these guys not giving it up. where majority of ps3 owners moved on to ps4

Flamingweazel1413d ago

Xbox had a bigger install base in the UK. Many Xbox owners are upgrading to ps4. Salty?

caseh1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

No NHL15? Bizarre, wasn't expecting record numbers but when Resident Evil 4 sells more than a game that's been out for less that 4 weeks there's clearly something not quite right.

Edit: Hold up, is that RE6!?

MRMagoo1231413d ago

this is the uk why would nhl do well?

caseh1413d ago

I would expect a new game on a new platform to do better than a game that released 3 years ago, wouldn't you?

MRMagoo1231413d ago

not nhl, I dont think I have once met an nhl fan in england , not saying there arent any at all but they would have to be rare.

DoctorJones1412d ago

We don't really care much for hockey in the UK, especially a mediocre game based on hockey. It shouldn't be a surprise at all really.

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