Should the Zelda Series and Hyrule Warriors Remain Canonically Separate?

ZI: Relatively early on, Hyrule Warriors was confirmed to have absolutely no connection to the main Zelda series—sure, the title features numerous characters, locales, items, and enemies from a select number of the games, but it's all taking place in another parallel world that does not intersect with the ones Historia gave us. But was that the right call, and, assuming that the Dynasty Warriors/Legend of Zelda crossover gets a sequel, should Nintendo and Koei Tecmo continue to keep the worlds separate?

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ikarodemon1354d ago

Hyrule Warriors is a blasphemy! Koei will pay their sins to the Gamer Devil in Hell!

Chrischi19881354d ago

What a stupid question. Zelda is like my favorite series of all time, I also like Hyrule Warriors, but it would completely destroy the franchise, if they change the game so drastically. A spin-off series is ok, but not as the main game... How can people even bring that up? And please, dont try to sweet talk it, no real zelda fan would want that.