TVL | FIFA 15 Review

The Vita Lounge get their hands on the portable version of FIFA 15. Is the annual "upgrade" worthy of a purchase or should this edition be avoided?

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Chaz30101298d ago

Poor decision by EA to take the online mode out of this one, what were they thinking! Hopefully it will stop people from buying it.

teflontactics1298d ago

FIFA 15: Cutoffyourownleg-acy Edition.

vongruetz1298d ago

It is strange that they should remove the online capabilities, but if I had to guess, they probably looked at how many people were playing the older editions online and decided it wasn't enough to justify keeping it. I mean, removing it would mean they actually put some work into the game. Personally, I only play single-player career mode, so it doesn't effect me that much, but for those who do enjoy the multiplayer, it's a bad hit. I just never had fun playing an online game that always had some lag to it and then a connection issue or a "rage quit" would suddenly find the game coming to a quick end.

I bought the original FIFA for Vita and it was easily one of my favorite games. My one main issue though was how slow it ran during career mode. It would take forever to go from one match to the next and watching the days on the calendar get crossed off took an eternity. Recently I started playing FIFA 14 and that issue has been resolved. That alone was worth the upgrade for me (though I still didn't pay much and bought it used, so...)

I think you're right though in that FIFA 14 seems to be the best buy at the moment. 15 might be good for the trophies, but that's not worth $40. Maybe down the road, if it gets cheap then I'll look at it.

But just remember, as bad as we may think this version is, at least it's not the one on the 3DS. That version is abysmal and makes the old PSP games look great by comparison.