Destiny's Honest Trailer Lampoons The Game's Shortcomings

CinemaBlend: Love it or hate it, people can't stop talking about Bungie's Destiny because of three things: First, it's the same company that brought us Halo. Second, the brand cost Activision $500 million to produce. Third, it's kind of everywhere and people can't help but talk about something that's everywhere. Given all the conversations taking place around the net about Destiny (for better or for worse) you just have to leave it to Smosh Games to come out with an Honest Trailer for the shooter title that seems to have trouble living up to being an MMO or an FPS.

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joab7771384d ago

It's so funny. This, the gun show and Angry Gamer.

Believe me, I see the flaws. I just don't agree w/ trading yet or rng being an issue for leveling. Within a few weeks, you can be level 28+. And trading shouldn't start until light level cap is increased or everyone will have everything they want.

They could add a way in which we could put items on a broker for motes or strange coins maybe.

Very funny though.

deathstriker1384d ago

If I keep getting good sniper rifles and don't use them, while my friend is getting the same luck with shotguns, then there's no reason why shouldn't be able to trade. OR when an engram gives me an item for a class I don't have.

Bungie half-assed and/or Activison made them hide stuff behind paid DLC, either way it's a fun but disappointing game.

BlissSeeker1384d ago

This trailer hit the nail right on the head.

Still a fun game regardless

Crazay1384d ago

Bloody hilarious. LOL

d4v03331384d ago

I will find you and I will cuddle you! hahahaha

-Foxtrot1384d ago

It's funny because it's true

Bungie should just get a small team together, put them on Destiny and start creating a new game now with more of a single player - co-op focus instead of spreading their resources on too many features.

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