Destiny 1 Month On ~ Still a theme park with no rides

Sean Davies of PSGamer: Destiny has been in the wild for a full 4 week and during that time, a lot has changed. Level 20 came and went in the blink of an eye. Rather than hunting down Vex Hobgoblins, players have been searching for magical treasure caves. The Cryptark has transformed from a heart breaking villain into a fairer, happier individual (although he is still thrifty). Weapons have been tweaked, nerfed and tweaked again. The Vault of Glass opened for business and was swiftly beaten by determined Guardians. The Queen’s emissary made a grand entrance in The Tower. Tea bagging has become rife in The Crucible.

A lot has changed in Destiny since the PSGamer crew went to town on Bungie and Activision’s sci-fi shooter come role-playing game in our meta-review but today I am trading Destiny in for something – anything – else and I will not look back.

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REDGUM1410d ago

This title is below the belt. Sorry but I just don't agree with you here.

Spinal1410d ago

Agreed, this guy has no clue what hes on about. A month on millions are still playing an having fun.

Its still in the top 10 highest viewer games on Twitch.

I jsut hit lvl 25 in game on my Warlock aimnig to get to 26 and run Vault of Glass soon just getting friends on PSN for it.

If youre on the PS4 and near lvl 26 or above add me: Thunder_god_bane

mhunterjr1410d ago

So because millions of other people are enjoying it, his opinion is 'wrong'?

MooseWI1410d ago

Okay, truth be told I got a good amount of time out of the game. The problem is I ran out of things do do at about 25 hours of gameplay, it's a shame because I thought there was going to be but it feels so,empty.

TimeSkipLuffy1410d ago

Did you use guides to level up? There would be plenty of time to spent if ppl would be playing on their own, creating their own destiny instead of cheating by using guides just to be able to catch up with others. Not telling that you cheated. Maybe you even one of those gamers who don't care about guides and really play your own destiny.

pompombrum1410d ago

Honestly, I've spent loads of time in the game, have tons of exotic weapons and could get to level 29 if I could be bothered to farm the mats, I've enjoyed my time for the most part and certainly don't regret it but the title is spot on and sums up the game perfectly. Many people keep saying how popular it still is but honestly, with all it's flaws, I'd be shocked to see it being as popular still come the first major DLC update.

Adexus1410d ago

Can't agree with this more to be honest, the grind after level 20 feels like a chore and I usually find grinding/farming quite relaxing and fun in Borderlands 2 or any other loot driven game to be honest, I won't be trading it in just in case they dramatically change the end game at some point and add a lot of new content that doesn't involve "defend this position from waves of enemies".

I swiftly moved on to Shadow of Mordor and Forza Horizon 2, and with Alien Isolation out tomorrow, Evil Within next week and Sunset Overdrive at the end of the month and quite a few in November I can't say Destiny will be getting any play time.

Ghost_Nappa1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Destiny is dead to me as of nov 3 EDIT: Welcome to the 1 bubble club, Drithe

Zichu1410d ago

I've been enjoying the hell out of this game, I'm still only level 21 and have been working on my Vanguard rep and getting marks.

As of now though, I am occupied with Shadow of Mordor, but I really should play Destiny on and off to get rep and marks.

Drithe1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Any real FPSer knows this game is GOD. All COD and BF are are the SAME OLD MULTIPLAYER PVP MAPS that kill each other over and over and over.

When I see these people come on here and say that Destiny is too short and has no content, I look back and see that COD and the BF series is only PVP. Then I laugh at them.

Destiny has 100 times the content of PVE than any other 3 FPS games you can add together, and then has just as much PVP as any other FPS. You have to be an idiot to really complain.

I will admit that Activision's greed in breaking up the game and selling for it DLC sucks ass. It really does and I hope the boss of Activision falls off of the commode and breaks his freaking neck for it.

But make no mistake, this is the greatest FPS ever made. And it appeals to rpgers, platformers, and all gamers a like.

Bow down to the KING!

Blues Cowboy1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Destiny has barely any meaningful content IMO. Loot and levelling is *not* content, it's a slot machine. Stages are recycled. Encounters are samey and boring. Enemies lack variation.

It's all endgame content without a game to play through first. Enjoyable endgame content to be sure, but none of it is meaningful, and so much of it is designed to addict you to the loot grind rather than enjoying a masterfully constructed shooter.

"KING" is pushing it, again, IMO.

mhunterjr1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I can't tell if you are serious or just trolling, but I can think of 25 fps off the top of my head that most people would agree are better games than destiny.

It's not even close to being the greatest ever made.

GHOSTxx4201410d ago

Trading my copy in while it's still worth something. Level 27 Hunter and completely bored with the game. It was a fun run while it lasted.

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