Destiny – Killing Gorgons in Vault of Glass, What Happens Next?

If you have spent time in Destiny's Vault of Glass, you have probably met the Gorgons in the Labyrinth, here we have details on how to kill them, and what happens.

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JetsFool35001380d ago

Killing gorgons gives you nothing but a weak a** grimoire card

Phoenix761380d ago

So it gives you yet another item that if you want to know what it is then, you then have to quit/leave your game, log in to bungies website, read through another text based card, before returning back to your game? Class.

BattleTorn1380d ago

Or open the app. Just sayin

KwietStorm1380d ago

Who told you you have to quit and log off the game just to look at a website or an app? You don't have a router?

1380d ago
dumahim1380d ago

Or not leave the game and check the website.

HugoDrax1380d ago

No you don't! just download the Destiny companion app. That's how I read the cards, and check the Tower without actually traveling to the tower.

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Tihulu1380d ago

Having to use the website or the app, weird implementation.

Palitera1380d ago

Well, you have to use forums and the half a**ed friends funcionality from PS4 to be able to play endgame content, so... Doesn't surprise me at all.


Palitera1380d ago

PS: "Functionality" should have been written, since to be actually functional, well, it needs to work, something that it obviously does not do.

GearSkiN1380d ago

Again that's next gen story telling..

dumahim1380d ago

They learned how to do it from FFXIII