CBS Commentator Urges Gamers To Go Play The Real World

CBS: Let me start off by saying, I've always been really bad at video games. Growing up, I'd spend hours watching my friends finding the princess, racking up points and extra lives. Meanwhile, when it was my turn, it was pretty much "game over" as soon as the first weird mushroom Goomba man showed up.

So if there's one thing I have a LOT of experience with, it's watching other people play video games. And let me tell you: it's boring. Extremely boring.

That's why I was so shocked to read of Amazon's recent acquisition of Twitch, a wildly successful online service that allows people to basically re-create the trauma of my childhood, by watching other people play video games . . . all day long.

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NovusTerminus1380d ago

I play the real world. With a full time job and bills, graphics are great, but the story is depressing and dull. And the gameplay is horribly limited.

Pozzle1380d ago

The AI of the NPCs is amazing though.

Bathyj1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

And the resolution and framerate, but the constant grinding without leveling up gets me down.

Plus I think I got a virus.

Yi-Long1379d ago

Wayyyyyyy too much DLC-milking in this 'Real World'...

Septic1379d ago

And way too much lag. Well that's my excuse for getting late to work anyway.

johndoe112111379d ago

My two main issues are when you die you don't get to continue from your last checkpoint and unlike grand theft auto it's not acceptable to run over a-holes with your car.

3-4-51379d ago

Can't figure out how to get the Konami code to work....

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TripC501379d ago

I give it a 7 out of 10

WilliamUsher1379d ago


Too much political bias.

FlameBaitGod1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

You cant re spawn either which sucks, difficulty is retarded and world is too dynamic. Planes can crash on you or get hit by lightning I mean its too unpredictable, it needs serious patching.

thaimasker1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Why watch someone else play sports...or watch CBS or TV in general. Alot of things can be considered time wasters, to me aslong as you enjoy it and it doesn't consume you to extreme levels then I don't see the problem.

iSuperSaiyanGod1379d ago

That's the problem , it does consume some people to extreme levels ...

thaimasker1379d ago

Some people yes, but so does TV,movies,books,work,etc

pasta_spice1379d ago

Growing up with my parents (who spent EVERY night watching TV and would even plan vacations around their favourite TV shows!) made me realize that I never want to grow up to become a TV addict. I need to have hobbies that don't revolve around sitting in front of the TV set every single night and grumbling over commercials, bad news reports, and how "TV used to be better in my day".

BinaryMind1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

What I find funny is, the guy who made this clearly doesn't like video games yet he doesn't understand why he finds watching video games boring when so many others enjoy it....

Hellsvacancy1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Oh dear did I just watch and listen to that utter rubbish, i've got a life, two kids, a job, i've skydived (for a charity event) go on holiday (twice a year) I take part in sports etc, I do loads

And yet I still don't have a full life because I game sometimes, I don't personally think I game enough, I spent more time listening to music, does that mean I should stop and pay more attention to the horrible news around the world, beheadings etc, I DON'T THINK SO, i'm content with being lost in my imagination

Dasteru1379d ago

No thanks. The real world has decent graphics but it is overpriced and the story sucks.

Kivespussi1379d ago

I don't understand why people watch professional video gamers play games. I've never understood it or got into it even though I play a lot of games. That doesn't mean I should go and announce that it's a bad hobby just because I don't understand it

chippychan1379d ago

To me its kind of like how people who like a sport watch professionals play those sports.

I game a lot (probably too much) but I also enjoy watching other people play games. Why? Because I enjoy watching how someone else might tackle a situation, or get tips on how I might improve my own gameplay.

For example, I'm horrible at Dark Souls, but I like watching my daughter play (she's teenage BTW) because she's great at it and I learn to be better.

I also like watching my husband play things like Silent Hill because I'm not a fan of the gameplay but I want to see the story.

pasta_spice1379d ago

I don't enjoy watching other people play games, but I also don't enjoy a lot of other things like watching chick flicks, fishing, knitting, or bike riding.

But I'm not going to judge people who do enjoy those things. I'm sure there are people who don't see the appeal of my hobbies too.

cpayne931379d ago

Have you ever seen smash bros melee pros? I was amazed at what they could do when I first saw them. I had played the game for years but they were at a level I didn't even realize you could reach. For that game, it almost feels similar to watching professional sports that you play (mostly tennis or golf for me). You can relate to what they are doing on some level, but you could never do what they do with that kind of proficiency. Hard to explain but that's what makes melee pros interesting to me.

rainslacker1378d ago

To each their own I say. It's not my thing as I'd prefer to play games instead of watching someone play them, but some people are into watching that stuff. I don't like watching baseball either, but don't judge those that like it.

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