5 short videogames films that are better than Hollywood's efforts

MWEB GameZone writes:"But the good videogame-to-movie adaption isn't unheard of, it just doesn't appear in the big cinemas where you expect it to and it isn't made by the big Hollywood studios. Instead, if you'd like to take in your videogames in a non-interactive fashion you'll find them on YouTube made by people in it for the love of video games and not trying to make a quick buck."

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SonZeRo1330d ago

i try to stay away from game - movie adaptions, most of them always seem to suck or they kinda ruin the game. Only semi decent one was Final Fantasy Advent Children.

lord zaid1330d ago

The original Mortal Kombat movie was pretty good, in that Direct to DVD kind of way. I won't lie, I enjoyed it tremendously. Just wish that Lui Kang had delivered his cartwheel-uppercut in his fight with Shang Tsung.

And the Tomb Raider movies were pretty cool too.

HanCilliers1330d ago

TBH, I don't get why film directors struggle so much to make proper adaptations. They have even better tools than game devs do. Maybe they don't understand games and in stead of trying to capture the essence of the game they try to make their version of the game.