IGN: Alone in the Dark UK Review

Ever heard of Wind Waker Syndrome? It's that point in an otherwise majestic game where, for reasons obvious to nobody with even a modicum of common sense, a single game mechanic of such staggeringly misjudged magnitude comes along that you immediately want to sling your console out the window, write a stern letter to your local MP then spend the rest of the afternoon sobbing in the corner of your room in silent, endless frustration.

Well, there's one of those in Alone in the Dark. Which is a shame because, for the first eight hours or so, Atari's rejuvenation of its classic survival horror franchise is one of the most excitingly ambitious, captivating game experiences we've played in a long time. Sure, where grand, original ideas are concerned, there are bound to be flaws – which Alone in the Dark has in spades – but it's hard to berate a game which, on a minute by minute basis, successfully manages to offer truly unique, beguiling and genuinely thrilling moments.

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Condoleezza Rice3804d ago

Will Atari be suing IGN as well?

kingme713804d ago

They seemed happy with 7's from their earlier statement. Maybe that is Atari's problem in a nutshell; they are ok with mediocrity.

KidMakeshift3804d ago

At least IGN provided a thorough review

All the other reviews are 3 paragraphs long and piss all over the game without a full explanation

Those reviews would receive a D+ at best in rhetoric

meepmoopmeep3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

i'm still looking forward to this game.
i'll read into the reviews more to see whether or not it's worth buying over renting. but i definitely will play this game.

what ever issues arise from these reviews i hope Atari remedies for the PS3 version since they are holding it back.

kingme713804d ago

Here here. I hope they take these criticisms to heart and correct them on the PS3.

meepmoopmeep3804d ago

i just finished reading the whole review and it just seems that one particular part of the game has gone overboard. otherwise the game review was positive up until that point. hopefully they fix this for the PS3 release and make it less tedious.

consolewar3804d ago

but I'll wait for the bargain $20 looks really good.

Wolf8733804d ago

I'll try the PS-2 version first, naturally since PS3 version isn't available. I hope they improve on PS3.

BigKev453804d ago

This what I thought it was going to get. A 7 or less. Atari is sorry.

Dark General3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

We'll all miss you dearly. Not your games though.

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The story is too old to be commented.