Smash Bros. Wii U stage leaked via Nintendo Facebook post

"Earlier this afternoon, Nintendo's official Facebook page posted a picture meant to serve as a 'recount' of sorts for the past week. However, this picture also included an image not shown - one of Kirby and Pikachu in a mine cart together? Many have speculated this is a stage based on either Donkey Kong or Kirby All-Star's The Great Cave Offensive. Either way, it's new content that appears to have its own special properties."

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EliteGameKnight1385d ago

What's up with Nintendo and all these leaks lately?

3-4-51385d ago

Hopefully it's not too gimmicky like a lot of the 3DS smash stages have been.

TripC501385d ago

so what's everyone's definition of leak?

Artemidorus1385d ago

Hardly a leak if Nintendo posted it on their own Facebook page.