‘Zodiac’ to Be Made by ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Creators

The creators of widely successful video games such as Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have announced a new game in the making entitled Zodiac. The game is an action-packed RPG that allows players to take control of twelve different gods, each representing a sign of the astrological Zodiac.

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Farsendor11328d ago

imo looks similar to child of light and that game is awesome.

TongkatAli1328d ago

Buying this on the Vita.

feraldrgn1328d ago

Looks great, getting a Final Fantasy 12 vibe from the music.

Tex1171328d ago

Well, it is the same guy.

Fullmetalevolust1328d ago

This game is definitely on my radar, child of light comes to mind and the artistic design is reminiscent of dragon's crown.

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