Why Crytek is worried they will not be able to impress gamers with graphics

When you guys hear the word ”Crytek” you could easily remember Crysis series one of the best game series in sci-fi genre and in terms or graphics too. Now Crytek after sci-fi and future technology is after the old era where you will be using the swords and face your enemy like the true sons of Rome and yeah not to forget Ryse: Sons of Rome is also great in graphics like Crysis too. When Crytek showed us Far cry and Crysis long ago, we are so impressed, but now Crytek is saying it is not easy to impress the player with graphics as it is used to be.

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ninjahunter1379d ago

The law of diminishing returns strikes again.

Whitey2k1379d ago

Doesnt help when there sucking of microsoft dont they realise that multiplatform is the way to go

mysteryraz111379d ago

order1886 already smokes ryse graphically anyways, uc4 will blow it out of the water because it will not only have better graphics and such but a better gameplay and story campaign

tee_bag2421378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Hahaha.. touting off games that aren't even out.. creditable arguement you have there

Ghost_Nappa1375d ago

Has anyone told Crytek that you don't play graphics? No? Well, guess they'll keep splurging money over boring pieces of eye-candy then.