What we want to see in the next soccer video games

What do you miss in FIFA and PES every year? Here you can find ideas (some of them crazy ideas) for the future of the soccer video games.

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hazelamy1324d ago

well, i'd like to see the female game represented finally.

i could see PES doing it first though, there has to be more interest in women's football in Japan.
the Japanese team won the last women's world cup.

the only team that beat them in the tournament was England. ^_^
we were ahead of them in the group stages, but then we got beaten by france, yeah, you guessed it, on penalties. >_<

voodoochild3461324d ago

This isn't a "pc" opinion but since I care not to be pc I'll say it anyway. As a person whose watched every women's world cup, algarve cup and Olympics since 2007, roughly %99 percent of the people buying these games could not care less about playing as women players.

Why on earth would EA or Konami waste valuable time modelling characters and teams that will hardly be used? Why would someone playing online handicap themselves by choosing a women's team when the opposing player can literally choose at random and end up with a superior team? Why would these companies subject themselves to criticism and accusations of sexism due sjws not approving of certain ratings?

There's a reason almost every legitimate sport separates women from men. Women are born with a sizable physical disadvantage. The best women on the planet can't compete on college level with guys much less the best of the best.

If some developer wants to make a dedicated game just for women then that's fine. You can appreciate the competition better as long as they're separate.

hazelamy1323d ago

i was thinking of women playing against women, though i don't know if the male players are that superior to the women.

at the top levels, yeah absolutely the men are better, and that's not just a physical thing, at the top level the men's game is better technically.
but then the women's game is still pretty young.
i'd say the women now are better than the men were at the same point in men's football.
the women's game is improving, i could see a point where the games are more equal, i couldn't see mixed leagues, but i could see special matches between the sexes actually being competitive.

there are quite a few women's leagues now.
and then there's the women's world cup, and the UEFA cup.
there are tournaments in north and south america, asia, africa.
women's football features alongside the men's at the olympics.

anyway, this wasn't a demand or any kind of suggestion that they have to do this, this is just what i'd like to see them add to the game.

but honestly, i think at some point they're going to add women into the game.
with he way they have to add new features every year to justify a purchase of what is almost the same game as last year, they're going to find it harder and harder to differentiate the games, on handhelds they have actually resorted to selling the exact same game again a year later and calling it a "legacy edition" or some other crap.

eventually, women are going to make it onto the feature list, even if only because they've done everything else they could do with the game.

and adding the women's game would make it more popular, surely these developers, if they're so passionate about football, would love to see the game promoted whether it's men or women playing.

and if women's football becomes more popular, having the women's leagues could become a selling point.

DirtyLary1324d ago


voodoochild3461324d ago

Lol. They could probably implement a bite meter to determine how hard and for how long a bite can be executed before you do lasting damage to your teeth. Wanna replenish that meter before the big derby game at the weekend? Eat plenty of apples!

They could also have an animation for when the teeth break. "My word! Wayne Rooney has just broken teeth trying to bite Mezut Ozil! They're taking him off on a stretcher! I've never seen so much blood!"

hazelamy1323d ago

did you know the original FIFA on Megadrive had a punch button?
well, i think you had to press two buttons to punch, but still, you could punch people.
it was hilarious, they should bring that back.