Optimus Prime Transforms into a Playstation

New Zealand’s leading online shopping retailer Mighty Ape has today opened up preorders for the ultimate gamers toy, an Optimus Prime that transforms into an original Playstation Replica. Optimus Prime will stand at 19cm tall and stock availability will be very limited. This is a once in a lifetime collectible and a must for any Transformers or Playstation collector.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I thought it was cool until I saw the price lol. ($180) I would rather just pull out my PlayStation from my closet if I wanted to look at a PlayStation again. It still has the coolest Intro out of any console in my opinion.

Azurite1415d ago

I remember seeing this one some time back, there's also a Megatron as a Sega Mega Drive.

TarZ1415d ago

So much Childhood...

Octo11415d ago

A bit cheaper here:


Even for $180 that is actually not a bad price for a themed Transformer. The normal Masterpiece Line of Transromers retails for a lot more

masterfox1415d ago

lol in product description:

"Please Note - Does not change into a working Playstation - for decoration only"

lol really aww damn I would gladly pay 180 smackers!! :D

1Victor1415d ago

Thanks for the link Octo 1 + helpful bubble going your way. I'm getting one of this and blame it on my birthday ;-)

feraldrgn1415d ago

In Soviet Russia Playstation transforms into Optimus Prime
..Oh wait..

Aside, pretty cool collectors item.

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