Smash Bros. 3DS - Greninja's damage-dealing taunt

It seems like Luigi isn't the only one who can hurt someone with his Down Taunt, In Super Smash Bros 3DS and Super Smash Bros Wii U (Super Smash Bros 4) they have gave Greninja the ability to hurt his enemies with his down taunt!

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iceman6001297d ago

game cant get any cheaper.

MeteorPanda1297d ago

kinda agree, waiting for the wii u version, the 3ds just feels too bare for me sadly. Ah well Fantasy Life rocks.

slivery1296d ago

Wow, I can't even...

Smash Bros. 3DS just feels too bare but Fantasy Life rocks...

Nothing against Fantasy Life but seriously?

iceman6001295d ago

lol look at the losers disagree :0 get a fricking life idiots the game is unplayable and not fun.

slivery1295d ago

So having a different opinion than yours automatically makes people losers who need lives? Okay...

The game isn't unplayable, over exaggerate much? I haven't played a single match today that was lagging and I've played over 12 matches. Now have I played some that lagged pretty bad sometimes, sure, but it wasn't enough to stop playing online and it rarely happens on my end.

So get better internet. Also the game being fun to you is completely subjective, so it really doesn't matter if you don't find it fun, tons of other people do, 2.8 million people to be exact.

MeteorPanda1295d ago

l haven't put down fantasy life, it's got everything l loved about rune factory, my kind of game, however, l can't get myself to like the 3ds version of smash, it's laggy as you said and the screen is too small for my tastes.. so as l said l'll be waiting on the wii u l need to explain myself to you? keep downvoting.

DarkBlood1297d ago

Potential home run score? Ima try this out

mysteryraz111297d ago

why have a 3ds version? it holds back the wiiu version

iceman6001288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

"So having a different opinion than yours automatically makes people losers who need lives? Okay..."

how about you go fuk yourself along with the other 2.9 million morons out there, and maybe you like throwing your money away on crap but i dont.

megamanX21288d ago

I agree the game is unplayable that's why i returned it for a real game, and i tired giving them game a chance even though its not a real fighting game. If the wuu version is anything like this then they might as well stick a fork in the wiiu, because it's basically too far gone at this point.