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Steve Wright -- "Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? Yeah, we wish we didn’t either.

"Gearbox’s title was one of hope; it promised to be everything that made the first couple Alien movies so amazing, and from everything we saw at preview events, looked to live up to that promise. With hindsight, it obviously didn’t."

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PS4isKing_821385d ago ShowReplies(1)

F the haters like ign.... This game will be mine!! Oh yes

endzeitkind1385d ago

this game is rly awesome if you liked the movies. iam playin it since the 4th on my ps4

robtion1385d ago

I have it too. Street date broke in Australia, have played the first couple of hours. Great atmosphere, enjoying it so far.


I wish GameStop would be cool and break street dates😭

Ocsta1385d ago

From now on I'm only paying attention to the "small"sites, and they all love this game whereas the "big"sites don't. "How weird", he said sarcastically.

TheWackyMan1385d ago

A lot of big sites have been praising Alien: Isolation as well. I think it's a bit funny that the sites who are giving Alien iso. bad reviews are also saying that shadow of mordor is the best game since sliced bread.

Not saying shadow of mordor is bad but it makes me raise an eyebrow a bit.

Ocsta1385d ago

Yeah I know S.o.M is a great game (playing it right now) but the response from the major sites smacks of payola. It bothers me.

Ryan7411385d ago

Ryan McCaffrey of IGN can be a strange egg, he probably was not the best person to review this type of game.

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The story is too old to be commented.