Better For PS4: A New God Of War, Or Gran Turismo 7?

Which title would result in more PlayStation 4 sales? Should Sony first focus on a fresh God of War adventure, or will a new Gran Turismo hit huge?

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Godchild10201323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Both would be better for the PS4. Many will buy both and others will be one or the other.

sinncross1323d ago

Of course both!

I think GT7 would be the bigger draw of the 2. Personally I would like a port of GT6 to PSV before GT7 on PS4, and getting GoW out asap for PS4.

though I don't think either will be announced in December (which is most likely in relation to Spike TV awards), or maybe GoW will. I would rally like to see what Sony Bend has been working on, and if Sony London is doing anything else besides the new Singstar.

nX1322d ago

With Driveclub shaping up very good I think God Of War would have a bigger impact right now. I would wish for both next year though, we need those games in any case :)

mikeslemonade1322d ago

It has to be Gran Turismo 7. That has a major following.

zeee1322d ago

Totally off topic but I'd love to see some major support to ps4 eye camera. So much potential there!

badboyz091323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

GT7 easily would be the true Next Gen Driving Experience.
Besides God War 3 was suppose to be final Chapter in the series. God Of war 4 while of-course fun. It's main focus would probably be the graphics.

dcj05241322d ago

They could transfer to Norse mythology

Insomnia_841322d ago

GOW3 wasn't meant to be the last chapter. If you remember, at the end of the game after Kratos dies, something or someone took his body. In GOW4 for we could see who or what took him and with all the Gods dead, the world was left in chaos and out of control.

That ending was clearly an opening to more games. Kratos could even fight all sorts of demons in hell ala Dante's Inferno(awesome game btw) or something to then come back and restore peace to the world. That right there is two more games.

I'm 100% sure we will see more GOW with its fun multiplayer again.

Eddie201011323d ago

I would like to see a similar game to god of war ,but with a different setting and character and lore.

our_games_are_art1322d ago

There's hellblade coming out by ninja theory that'll be based on Celtic mythology. I know some people aren't incredibly fond of ninja theory after DmC. But not me I liked that game lol

TheRacingX1322d ago

I agree, I think God of War needs to move out of Greek mythos. I think the perfect setting would be with Viking lore.....settings in Valhalla, Asgaard, fighting Tyr, Odin....awesome. Maybe one in Mayan/Aztec lore....

Scatpants1322d ago

It would be funny if it was still the same God of War character, but he was still so pissed after killing all of the Greek gods that he went out searching for other gods to kill.

opoikl1322d ago

Kratos vs the Vatican. Imagine the Blades of Chaos in the Sistine Chapel. That would literally be like the elephant in the porcelain shop..

bouzebbal1322d ago

@TheRacingX: why does God of War need to move from Greek mythology as long as the series delivers the way it does?
another series with other mythologies is more than fine with me but by no means they should move GOW from its context.

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Muzikguy1322d ago

I'd buy both no question! If I were to choose one though I'd probably pick GT7 just because I really enjoy the beauty of the games, along with all the cars. I can't even begin to imagine how awesome the game will look on PS4. God of War will no doubt look a awesome too

ChronoJoe1322d ago

It's not as if they are made by the same studio. In fact they are probably both already in production. GT7 is for sure, God of War, not so sure but a new IP from Santa Monica would be quite nice.

Especially as GoW ascension wasn't fantastic, and I think they've sort of exhausted the God of War franchise anyway.

RosweeSon1322d ago

Yeah how hard would it be to get the 2 games made simultaneously, especially when you consider God of war is Santa monica and SCEA, yet gran Turismo is polyphony over in Japan, would have thought GT7 is on the cards already let's face it they take a good 2-3 years to make (thanks Kaz haha) but yeah God of war as well would be epic that along with last of us just released and GTA5 and uncharted 4 to come amongst others ps4 is looking like even more of a beast ;) just need Shenmue 3 now please and a re release of 1 and 2 ;)

Back-to-Back1322d ago

Gran Turismo will push 10m. GOW will push 4-5m. Clearly GT is a tad more important right now.

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Majin-vegeta1323d ago

I'll take an order of both.

yewles11323d ago

GT is still Sony's flagship, GT7 is coming to PS4 regardless, as it was ALREADY announced. GoW probably won't be for a while as of Ascension still being fresh.

MrSec841322d ago

Yeah Kaz Yamauchi said last September that GT7 would be coming in 1-2 years, with this year being ruled out already it's all but confirmed to be a 2015 release at this point.

2015 is pretty packed out already.
2016 seems like a likely time slot, 3 years after the last GOW, just like the last 2 games from the series.

Whatever happens I can't wait to see what Santa Monica have been working on.

LightDiego1323d ago

We will have a new Gran Turismo for sure. I love God of War, but i can't imagine how a sequel could be, let's hope for a great game by Santa Monica, they are talented.

Jaqen_Hghar1323d ago

For PS4? GT7 would undoubtedly be better. It's Sony's best selling franchise and one of the few to repeatedly top 10 million in sales in video game history (Pokemon and Mario are the only other 2 exclusives really). For a man however God of War 4 (or rather GoW Norse with a new protagonist to be exact) would be better. A man just isn't into racers. Both will be coming in 2016 though a man thinks

Eonjay1322d ago

That would be good but what about GOW: Egyptian Mythos.

Jaqen_Hghar1322d ago

That is also acceptable but a man is just more into the Norse Gods than the Egyptian ones. The idea of a thunder battle with Thor or a battle with the Midgard Serpent just seems epic. A man pictures thor being sort of like Hercules in that it would be evenly matched with your weapons clashing but of course with epic scale of the devastation of your attacks. The Serpent could be like Cronos in that you're trying to rip apart a much larger opponent. Odin could be the Zeus obviously with his famous staff. Baldur, Heimdel, and of course the trickster Loki could all make excellent and varied boss battles. A man doesn't know egyptian as well but their battle capabilities aren't really gone over as much it's more of just them being really powerful. The Asgardian Gods are very defined in their traits and have specific weapons and abilities which lend themselves well to epic gaming in a man's opinion.

MRMagoo1231322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Well if they did make an Egyptian style game I hope they make it authentic, instant fail if they use jackal headed people because the heads where actually of wolves which where the only dogs any where near the Egyptians.

hkgamer1322d ago

another man disagrees.

well disagrees with your logic on what "a man" likes.

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