Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – All Special Moves and Ultimate Attacks

“Dragon Ball: Xenoverse” network beta test was available today throughout European and American regions. A friend and a member of Ao Kaizoku, SdotStormzHD was able to record all the special moves and ultimate attacks that were shown in the beta while he was participating in the test.

Take a look below at the embedded video to watch the footage that was recorded by SdotStormzHD!

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OmegaShen1385d ago

Played the network test of it, combat system is bad. You can't really fly anywhere in less you target something, can't land, have to hold R2 down while pressing the button for super moves.

Yeah, theres more but thats all I'm willing to list. Everything else seem good.

Super_ike1384d ago

so basically, the game is Battle of Z on next gen? why couldn't they just do a budokai type game, so sad right now.

OmegaShen1384d ago

Worst, the good side is ki comes back. They just need to use Budokai Tenkaichi combat system and the game be good.

Get ready to look dumb with your create a character, because outfits boost your stats.

Deadpool6161381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I was in the Network Test to. Did you study the controls? There's more to it than what you mentioned.

You also level up by doing missions. There were 2 mission available that gave you level up points. Each time your character increased in level you could adjust your stats in the pause menu using the upgrade points you acquired. I got to level 7 before the test ended. Outfits only slightly boost your stats. So you don't have to look dumb wearing a goofy outfit.

They said the Network will be open to play again sometime around Christmas.

OmegaShen1381d ago

No, not for combat. Plus that just show how bad the controls are.

Deadpool6161381d ago

Why Disagree? I was just pointing out the facts.