Microsoft’s ‘RoomAlive’ transforms any room into a giant Xbox game

When Microsoft first demonstrated its IllumiRoom research project at CES last year it generated a huge amount of attention ahead of a next-generation Xbox unveiling. A video showed off a projection system that was linked to the Xbox to extend games from a TV to nearby walls, and appeared to be more than just a concept demo. It turned out that IllumiRoom was "just research"after all, but Microsoft is back this year with IllumiRoom 2.0: RoomAlive.

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OpieWinston1293d ago

Idk if it's just me but this is taking Illumiroom but making it WAY COOLER.

54LK1293d ago

Definitely room for improvement.

KarmaV121293d ago

Everything has room for improvement

inveni01292d ago

@Prime, Mila could use better breasts. I was quite disappointed when I saw them for the first time in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

gaffyh1292d ago

It looks good, but this is one of those things that will never come to fruition because it has such a small market, and will be incredibly expensive to set up. As such, it only works as a sort of promotion tool. Illumiroom 1.0 is more likely to release than this, and even that won't because there are so many requirements even with that setup.

IcedOmega131292d ago

@Prime, she did just have a baby. Its gonna need some repair. I'll just keep pretending it didn't happen though.

UltimateMaster1292d ago

Looks cool, but the setup seems too complex to be plausible in any house or apartment.

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Gaming247allday1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Whether this tech comes to market or not, its still nice to see Microsoft invest R&D Money on cool Gaming tech, shows their commitment to Gaming which i cant complain about! (i'm sure someone will complain about this though lol)

Kumomeme1293d ago

not everyone had same view

redwin1292d ago

I can see myself playing populus or civilization with this tech. No, I don't have a god complex.

internationterrorist1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

I agree too a certain point . It's awesome that Microsoft is investing in the future technology . But wouldn't Microsoft be better off spending this money on new ip's or buying games studios.

Also in my opinion Microsoft games lack diversity. All Microsoft first party exclusive games. Are FPS and Americanized action games shooters that target audience is 13-25 year old demographic. I don't care for Microsoft first party exclusive all Halo, gears of war and Forza no creativity or diversity.

creeping judas1292d ago

Wow, terrorist you suck at the trolling! You complain that Xbox is all about FPS games, yet you list a Fps, tps, and racing game as your major points. You need to go back to troll school son!

Kidmyst1292d ago

I could see this coming to places like current day arcades with kids party rooms.

internationterrorist1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

[email protected]

Can you Read . My said "comment FPS and Americanized action games shooters that target audience is 13-25 year old demographic."

I also said it was my opinion. Maybe you should read the full comments . How is my opinion trolling. Stop crying trolling when people don't agree with you.

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fr0sty1293d ago

only a few $500 projectors, a ceiling mounting bracket system, a few $150 kinect sensors, and an Xbox One required!

And people thought Morpheus would be expensive...

Docknoss1293d ago

Read the article before just posting crap. Microsoft said that this technology is to expensive but hopes in the future it will be cheaper

Gamerbeyond1292d ago

so its not coming out anytime soon, ill stick with illumiroom on ps4.

kenshiro1001292d ago

Maybe you should read what he said Dockness a bit more closely. He wasn't bashing it.

Clunkyd1293d ago

illumiroom is just another Milo. It never happens.

Gamerbeyond1292d ago

and milo was just another eyepet.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1293d ago

It's cool however I don't ever see this tech being affordable, 5xprojectors and 5xkinect units... That's without the brain

famoussasjohn1292d ago

inveni0 - FYI, the picture of Mila in Forgetting Sarah Marshall wasn't actually her, but a photoshop of her head on another persons body.

Angeljuice1292d ago

That's even worse, what is she hiding?

I can't think of anything worse than being stuck in an Xbox game. Does it downgrade the room to 720p for compatibility purposes?

VegasDawg1292d ago

@gaffyh . Hold on to your crystal ball. You say nobody ever will want this? LMAO. You think this is the final product coming to market? LMAO

This is a concept, this is a beginning of an ideal.You see they start here then they make it smaller, then cheaper.

Never mind, you want to live in some fantasy land. Where no would want vr in the living room or any room in the house for that matter. I would say your a minority.

1OddWorld1292d ago

This looks so childish. Bring on Morpheus.

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sAVAge_bEaST1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

That's an Expensive A$$ set up, though. Although I do like the holo-deck vibe.

Eddie201011293d ago

Cool tech but I can't see it being an affordable consumer product. Plus that room was pretty much all white and light colors, doubt it would work well on dark walls.

Prime1571293d ago

Would it work in dorm rooms? Rooms without a certain amount of "floor-space?" Rooms with many colors?

MasterCornholio1293d ago

You can always give people measuring tapes for free so they can be sure of the space they have. The did this with kinect in Japan so they could do the same with this as well.

poppinslops1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Kinect has infrared sensors, so darkness shouldn't be an issue...

As to matter of floor space, this prototype is scaleable...

Scatpants1293d ago

All you need is 6 projectors and 6 Kinects.

BattleTorn1292d ago

... oh sh*t, 5 of my projector bulbs burnt out...