PS4: One Year On

"The PS4 released more or less a year ago, ushering in the next-generation era of gaming.

So how has Sony's PS4 done? Has it been a resounding success? Has it delivered on its promises of being the best games console on the market? Is it truly the next-gen console we've been waiting for?"

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calvincrack1357d ago

Still waiting for one good game. Besides PT

LightDiego1357d ago

Have you tried Infamous: Second Son, Killzone Shadowfall, Resogun, also multiplat games like Transistor, Wolfenstein, Destiny and really soon Shadow of Mordor?
I'm really happy with my PS4 and next year will be huge.

rhcpfan1357d ago

And yet, Shadows of Mordor and Resogun are the only games worth buying off of your mediocre list.

So far, it's been very disappointing owning a PS4 since 2K and Fifa are the only games I've been playing consistently.

Ravenheartzero1357d ago

@rhcpfan why is it comments like yours come across as speaking for every ps4 owner? Sucks to be you if those are the only games you have enjoyed.

Lords of the fallen, Alien isolation, Dragon age, Far cry 4 and drive club coming up for me :)

Septic1357d ago

Resogun. That's the only decent game on that list imo.

I'm not happy with the PS4 yet. 2015 though. That's where things get real and I make all kinds of gains in my fingers. Alll kiinds.

nX1357d ago

Since it's launch, I've spent most of my gaming on PS4. I love the console and many games on it and the next 4 months have AT LEAST 10 must-have games for me so I cannot really complain. I would only wish for
- media functionality
- notification customization
- folders
(- and someone who goes through my already existent backlog...)

Gaming247allday1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

PS4 was overhyped, it could use some more updates and some more games, this year is pretty dry if your not into Driveclub really, its a great console don't get me wrong, but its just basic and there is nothing that special about it really in my opinion, it does everything ok, but it doesn't do any one thing extremely well except for resolution really, i know i will get disagreed with but thats ok, i just feel to much is missing from PS3 and it feels plain and overly simple

JoGam1357d ago

Im super happy with my PS4. Been having a blast. Ignore the trolls people. Seriously, gaming doesn't make them happy, trolling does.

UltraNova1357d ago

Everyone is so quick to complain about the lack of games on both ps4 and xb1.

Ok then name one console launch year which had more and better games...I'm waiting...No?


Thing is enough is never enough for us is it?

IMO This is the best 1st console year I remember in terms of exclusives, new IPs and good multiplatform games (I've been around since the Atari 2600 mind you).

Now although I do personally agree on complaining about missing multimedia features, a year later, what I like to remind people is that these are gaming consoles, their primary purpose is to play games the rest are filler even if these features can be considered as prerequisite these days. At least we know these features are coming, play some games until then and watch your movies shows etc the right way- PC> HDMI >Huge HD TV!!!

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lelo2play1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

PS4 in this first year has been disappointing. Not many decent exclusives. Hoping for a much better second year.

opoikl1357d ago

After experiencing the first year of the PS2 and PS3, surely you must realise by now that the really stellar titles are still in development, right?

spacedelete1357d ago

i have to say its been a very mediocre year. the next gen has been dryer for good games than an Egypt desert.

i got my PS4 free thanks to a loan shark that i still haven't paid back and don't plan to. this gen is just last gen but with more memory.

xCOWBOYx78x1357d ago

Games where are the games ????

Phoenix761357d ago

This month: alien, LoTR, driveclub.
Next month: gta5:R, AC:U, farcry4.

There's some games.

xCOWBOYx78x1357d ago

I can get those games except driveclub on other consoles.

Gore-Content1357d ago


Why would you want to play them on other consoles when they run better on the PS4???

Bathyj1357d ago

So do it. You'll be missed.

Mr_Writer851357d ago

But you didn't ask where are the exclusives.

A game being on another platform doesn't mean it's not a game.

lelo2play1357d ago

"Why would you want to play them on other consoles when they run better on the PS4???"

So by your logic, why get them on PS4 when they run better on PC?

nX1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

^I'm currently playing Shadow Of Mordor with Ultra HD textures on PC with up to 100fps (what an incredibly awesome game) but you know what? I regretted passing on the PS4 version because I wanted to save&share so many cool scenes with my friends (and doing that sucks on PC compared to PS4). Also apart from trophies the game has some pretty neat PSN-friends-functionality which I didn't even know about... and that's actually not the only time where I would've preferred the PS4 version over ultra HD WTF graphics. The PS4 version looks and runs just fine, doesn't consume as much power as my highend PC and offers some features I don't want to miss anymore from my gaming.

Volkama1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

@Bloodborn "doesn't consume as much power"- Are you concerned for the environment, or your pocket?

If it's financial, it'd take months of playing that game to make up the price premium of the console version...

If it's the environment... well I can't fault you for caring :)

I find Diablo 3 the best example of PC vs Console experience. I have both, and there is value to sticking with one version (for paragon levels and loot sharing and such). So I have to choose which one to play:

4k Stereoscopic 3D graphics and bad controls
1080p meh graphics and good controls

It's a harder decision than I would have guessed. I am as yet undecided on which platform adds more to the experience.

GodGinrai1357d ago


Thats besides the point if you can get them else where. They are available to play on your console of choice plus they are good games. and thats what matters. I hate when people act like 3rd party games dont exist. spare a thought for wiiU owners who wont get those games.

nX1357d ago


I'm not concerned about either, it's just a fact that my PC consumes around 2x the power the PS4 consumes. I also have Diablo 3 on both systems and I stopped playing the PC version right when the console version dropped, graphics and resolution really are only secondary to my enjoyment of a game.

Mikeyy1357d ago

People keep saying the graphics are better on PC, this is true we all know this. But the biggest factor is actually controlls. On some PC games the controls are just unbearable. I recently got Stick of Truth for PC And the Controls are killing my left hand really bad after an 9 hour session yesterday lol. I hate WASD and always remap to the arrow keys but the game doesn't let you!

The only other option is controller, but the game doesn't recognize my ps4 controller even though steam does. My only option is a 360 controller, and I personally hate the 360 thumbsticks so I refuse to buy that controller.

Pc gaming has serious issues when it comes to console game ports.

Gta 5 will be amazing on PC but driving the cars will be horrible with a keyboard. .

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colonel1791357d ago

Who cares where you can get the games? If you have a PS4, you will get them for it, if you have both consoles, just get the games where you want to play them on, and that's it.

Next year will be huge for PS exclusives, though. Starting in February with The Order 1886.

TheWackyMan1357d ago

Sorry, I think I misheard you. I'm pretty sure you meant to say Bloodborne? It's fine, mistakes happen. :P

Phoenix761357d ago

Sorry cowboy but need to ask this, u asked about games, so I told what's out and what's coming out very soon. So where does "console" come in to it? Not trying to troll, just asking serious question.

TheWackyMan1357d ago

The console "comes into it" because its an article about the PS4. Those games you mentioned, only 1 of them is exclusive. That matters, because exclusive games are one of the biggest factors for people when buying a certain console over another.

I'm really not sure what there is you can't understand about what he said.

Phoenix761357d ago

Well I can understand that, however, if it was console exclusive games only he wanted to know about he could of stated that so it would of been clear.

Mr_Writer851357d ago


I take it you are unable to read?

As they asked "where are the games"

Not "where are the exclusives".

Volkama1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

As a prospective buyer, this is precisely the discussion I want to see.

I have an Xbox One, I have a monster PC. I want to know what the PS4 can offer me.

So far I've got:

If I didn't have vouchers to hand I would not really be looking to buy. I do have vouchers though. And I'm still unsure.

Volkama1357d ago

Although.... £270 with Infamous: Second Son?

"I just bought: 'Sony PlayStation 4 and InFamous: Second Son (PS4)' by Sony"

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CaptainObvious8781357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I'm just going to put this here and walk away.

Call me a hopeless fool, but I have faith this 'ps4 haz no games lolz' thing will eventually disappear.

Surely certain MS fans must get tired of being proven wrong constantly on this issue?

uth111357d ago

PS4 right now has many more games I'm interested in than I can play.

People who say it has no games either aren't looking, have incredibly narrow interests, or are just trolls.

DVS-Zev1357d ago

since you seem so interested in games you can/cant get on the other console, allow me to help you see the differences more clearly.

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Ultr1357d ago

Whoever still thinks there are not enough games, should just open his eyes and his mind.

Eejanaika1357d ago

needs more triple A titles...

xCOWBOYx78x1357d ago

My eyes and mind are open. I bought this PS4 on launch and the nly game I enjoy playing is Killzone. I have tried second son and knack and a few others and they just dont hold my attention. I want red dead redemption 2, GT7, God of War, medievil, Resident Evil, or crash bandicoot.

Mr_Writer851357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Well then you should of waited for those games to come out.

I get that it has no games you are interested in. That's perfectly fine.

But you would of known this before you bought it.

So if you buy a console that doesn't have enough interesting games for you to play.

And then moan about it.

I'd have to question your intelligence.

DragoonsScaleLegends1357d ago

I agree, hopefully by next year Sony will have resurrected our faith in the PlayStation brand and given us lots of requested features and games. I would love to play my PS1/PS2 discs on my PS4. Also it would be even more amazing for a remake/sequel of some PS1 classics like crash, medievil, and the legend of dragoon. Yeah lot's of the next gen games have been disapointing but in the future hopefully it will get better. Usually console launches are kind of disapointing until the really good games and features start releasing. I wish Sony would focuss more on there PS1/PS2 fans then porting PS3 games to PS4. But at least it isn't like last gen where features couldn't be added because of the hardware, PS4 is solid hardware even though the software is lacking.

MASTER_RAIDEN1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

While i dont think my ps4 was a waste of money by any means, i feel like a lot of us are still waiting for a really compelling piece of software just for the ps4. So far most of what ive seen has been somewhere between average and decent.
Aside from the fantastic Infamous: Second Son, Not a single piece of really great exclusive comes to mind. Everything particularly special is either in the works or is multiplat (with current gen counterparts that are every bit as good).Next gen itself is borderline-unnecessary at this point. Hell, wasnt destiny initially this visual groundbreaking game? the current gen versions on either platform look almost identical to next gen lol. I feel like the xbox one had a slightly better year overall, but not much. Titanfall looked like it was a lot of fun as well as forza. aside from that, the x1 lineup has also been relatively sub-par as well.

Not saying next gen was rushed by any means. I just dont think devs had a strong enough software lineup at this point. I feel like the biggest perk of owning a next gen console at this point is having superior multiplats to current gen. All things aside, year one of the next gen experience has been okay. Not great, but not without its charms.

Jdoki1357d ago

Neither console has a 'killer app' yet.

I jumped in on Day 1 for PS4, and recently bought an XB1. I've not been blown away by either console.

DeadlyOreo1357d ago

Well said, completely agree. I don't regret getting my PS4 at launch, besides, a console generation is a marathon not a sprint. I consider it a good investment for the future. But yeah, I'm still waiting for something killer, and perhaps something which has always been close to the Sony brand, Gran Turismo comes to mind.

Jdoki1357d ago

Right now, as much as I like my PS4, it is my least used gaming device - and that includes my Vita.

Looking forward to some more AAA exclusive titles.

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