Is Music in Games No Longer Memorable?

As we walked into work this past Friday we were in a good mood and casually whistling the theme from Super Mario Bros 3. When we walked past a colleague, he smiled and began to whistle along with us. Soon after he remarked “what a great game”.

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NukaCola1413d ago

No, article is ridiculous. Reason Nintendo music is memorable, is you have heard it continuously for 30 years. And all Pre-PS1 era music wss midi files which are simple and play in a loop. Music is a key ingredient in a great game and games from Bioshock to TLOU to Red Dead Redemption to Halo would not be as great as they are without their powerful scores and play lists. Music is music, good music never dies.

3-4-51412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


* Music used to contain Specific UNIQUE source sounds within the games.

* Now that everyone is using "orchestrated" music, it all sounds the same..


* All trumpets sound like trumpets...violins will ALWAYS sound like Violins.

* With the SNES, it has a sampling aspect to it, so source sounds could be created into it.

* Basically the music in video games used to consist of sounds that the sound designers and musicians used to have to create as well, or tinker with to be unique.

* When you hear the sounds from Super Mario World SNES, they are unique. You INSTANTLY know where those sounds are from and which game, and even which level.

You can't do that anymore.

Everyone wants " THE BEST", which = Orchestra, but then it all sounds the same.

The SOURCE sound is the problem...or thing to fix.

THIS IS WHY electronic music in games is still useful, as you can craft your own wave sounds and tinker with them to make them unique.

* Then, your game will sound unique compared to everyone else.

Hopefully this explains it fairly quickly, as it's a bit more in depth than that.

* That being said, When Orchestrated music is done right, and the notes being played are melodic and appealing, it can be epic.

WombBat1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

this is a good point, and its true, utilizing the same palette makes the games sound the same. Not only that but it is true, the music itself just isnt melodic and memorable. not that its bad, but its hard to remember any of it.

halo is the only game that comes to mind that has memorable music that i can think of.

but just look at old school games, most of their music was memorable. look at megaman, mario, zelda, final fantasy, sonic, street fighter, and the list goes on.

AKR1413d ago

Eh? Have you been paying attention to the soundtracks for Nintendo's latest games? The live instruments have really enhanced the experience of titles like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World.

I can name a list of video game STs that I can't get out of my head. Goodness, don't get me started.

BrandanT1412d ago

I think a lot of Nintendo games and thensome have awesome music.
Most of the songs in the new Smash Bros. are amazing.

1noobgamer1412d ago

So you all agree Nintendo have great music... but what about other platforms/games?

Spotie1412d ago

Nier comes to mind immediately. Easily one of my favorite soundtracks ever, not just of last gen. Red Dead, already mentioned, is another great one. Journey, Lost Odyssey, Valkyria Chronicles. Killzone 2 and 3.

Quite a few games with memorable soundtracks. And almost all of that was just on one console.

Oh, Fragile Dreams, too.

There's a huge number of games with good music. For some reason, you just aren't listening.

raWfodog1412d ago

I want to add Persona 4's soundtrack to the list of music that I've enjoyed over the years.

rextraordinaire1412d ago

Ni No Kuni's main theme (World map) is phenomenal.

Music from Persona is memorable (Velvet room's theme, Aria of the Souls comes to mind).

Child of Light's soundtrack is excellent.

LittleBigPlanet always has a good selection of pop songs from diverse artists.

Catherine's classical remix music was pretty good (I still listen to the soundtrack).

Dragon's Crown stage selection's celtic hymn is great too.

Disgaea's theme is always a nice and quirky listen (From Hour of Darkness and D2)


So yeah, plenty of great game music available.

NukaCola1412d ago


I think Media Molecule finds some of the best and most creative indi artists in music.

rextraordinaire1412d ago

@NukaCola Right?

I still have Jim Noir's My Patch playing in my head from time to time, only because of that game!

Perjoss1412d ago

After spending quite some time with Destiny I fell in love with its soundtrack, bought it the day it was released and listened to it from start to finish quite a few times already, its one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a long time.

Deus Ex Human Revolution was another recent great games soundtrack. DmC was another good one but mainly as I'm a fan of Noisia :)

It is strange though how gamers obsess over graphics and hardly ever talk about the music.

Hellsvacancy1412d ago

Deus Ex Human Revolution is one of my favourites, but I loved the original games music aswel

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