Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gameplay Videos Leaked

Unlisted Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare videos from the official Call of Duty YouTube channel show us sneak peaks into gameplay.

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Travis37081414d ago

Game looks great! I can't wait until Nov 4th.

tracyllrkn1414d ago ShowReplies(9)
ricochetmg1414d ago

I haven't played COD since aw2 and i am looking forward to this one.

memots1414d ago

is this Call of Titanfall ?

DeadlyOreo1414d ago


Oh wow, that's brilliant! Rofl!! I haven't heard that one before, you are a genius. How on earth do you come up with this comedy gold?! My god, I'm laughing so much I'm crying. You win sir, you win.

BX811414d ago

Same here. Super excited about this game.

Dontworrybhappy1414d ago

This Cod looks like the best Cod since Blops. Stop being an annoying hipster.

starchild1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Yeah, those hipster types are silly. I haven't been into any Call of Duty game for years, and they were never that special to me, but I have to admit this one looks pretty good. I like the future, sci-fi sort of setting and it opens up a lot of cool gameplay scenarios.

superherox71414d ago

I actually don't like cod. It's not that I hate it but I don't like the mechanics, I don't like regen health and iron sights.

Drewbie9151413d ago

I first started playing COD on PC back when COD2 was released. I wish they would bring back a mode similar to Rifles only. It was probably some of the best FPS gameplay I've ever experienced and there was no aim assist (quickscope) crap.

ScamperCamper1414d ago

I don't know what to think. That looks really busy and frankly really complicated to play. Who's with me?

Clown_Syndr0me1414d ago

I thought that, played it at EGX though and its as easy to pick up and play as any of CoD.
Not sure on it though, but it sure is different. Its much more a run and gun game than it used to be a few years ago though.

ramiuk11414d ago

its the 1st cod im kinda excited for.

i preordered mine and its delivery date for me is 2/11/14

purpleblau1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

c'mon the graphics looks really lame... really fed up with all these COD news. The series is over.

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Iceball20001414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Who cares, we need new games. I think Activison should bring back Worlds Scariest Police Chases from* PS1

venom061414d ago

ok... so they ripped off Titanfall this year and with the help of the CoD fanboy sites likes IGN, they've convinced folks that this is supposedly something "new" My question is, WHAT IS CoD GOING TO DO NEXT YEAR?? They can't go backwards in time because folks will be like "been there done that". And they can't stay in the so-called future, because they just did that 1 year earlier.. Next year might be kinda rough in terms of the direction it takes.

neocores1414d ago

No game rips of anything they barrow ideas which evolve over time. So titan fan boys need to stop it already. The first game i played with mechs was armored core and front mission lol

Borma1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

@venom Yea you are totally right. CoD:AW has been in development for 2-3 years and Titanfall came out 7 months ago. They decided right when Titanfall came out they were going to scrap all of their ideas and copy Titanfall. The first 2 years not a single person at Sledgehammer games said let's add some Boosts jumps and the like. But then came March and Sledgehammer seen Titanfall and said, "f this, let's copy that game" /sarcasm

Palitera1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

1. Do you really think that these devs only played TF in the release date? That they didn't know how Titanfall dealt with verticality and movement? Tell me you're not that stupid.

2. Also, 2-3 years development? First, the game uses an engine almost ten years old now. These 2-3 years are there to make a half dozen mechanics and mostly PR BS. Second, are you saying that the game development/design was completed 2-3 years ago and it couldn't have changed since that date? Okay. Don't even bother trying to make it look less super dumb than it is. It could be a 15 years period, the game mutates during this time.

3. Battlefield also added vertical movement. Coincidence, sure... Absolutely not an answer to the players that couldn't switch from TF because every other MP FPS felt like the player was glued to the ground.

4. And, finally, the influence is pretty clear now. "Ripoff", "copy" etc? Not at all. But denying the influence is a major proof of dumbness.

Anyway, think what you want. I'm not really interested in discussing a crossgen mod for Call of Duty 4.

Borma1414d ago


1.) I would imagine the developer's of CoD:AW take influences from a lot of different games. I'm responding to people saying it's just a straight up clone.

2.) They have a campaign in the game, with boost jumping and exo suits as the main attraction. Meaning they developed the game around that idea. What a novel concept right? It didn't take them until year 3 of the development cycle to realize "Hey, let's copy Titanfall and put that stuff in the Campaign and MP!"

3.) Aimed not towards me.

4.) You denying that they haven't thought about putting that kind of stuff into their game for a long time now is misguided.

5.) Nothing wrong with discussion. Even if you are wrong or I am wrong.

ramiuk11414d ago

who says they ripped titanfall off?
they all used to work at the same company and respawn left.
this new cod has been in develpment for 3years hasnt it?
im pretty sure it was spoken about years before that in meetings .

been years since we had a good Cod,but imo i think this one looks alot better than previus and as i say,alot goes on behind closed doors so maybe respawn was the one who copied?

or do we live in the world of who ever released it 1st was the original version

Syntax-Error1413d ago

Civil War? Are you a moron? Who's going to use a musket or flint lock pistol? They'll go back to Vietnam in 3rd person view like Uncharted

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The_Blue1414d ago

Should I buy the Ps3 version or ps4 version.... Or nah?

Travis37081414d ago

PS4 version. unless you have some of your favorite friends on PS3.

MooseWI1414d ago

I bought next gen and realized that a lot of my friends are cheap ass and on last gen still...

OculusRift1414d ago

^Amen, Brother.
Most if not all of my friends/crew is on PS3. Most of them say it's because they're still releasing cross-gen games / can't afford the upgrade. The only reason I upgraded and got a PS4 was because my PS3 broke, PC gaming really left a bad taste in my mouth and a shop was having a sweet sale on a PS4 bundle. ( PS4 & 4 games for $430.) (I know TMI)

lelo2play1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Go for the PC version. Playing online is free and you can buy the game much cheaper.

quenomamen1414d ago

Better yet bootleg it on PC and say screw you to Activision and their yearly turd.

ricochetmg1414d ago

ps4 tell your friends to get they pockets right.

dazzrazz1414d ago

You mean u realized ur friends were not that dumb to buy same shit on new console :D

masterfox1414d ago

yay more killing each other ohhh and the use of turrets sooo new and unique!! yaayy....mmm...ughhhh -_-

starchild1414d ago

And you have a killzone avatar? I'm confused.

Mini0510_131412d ago

Nice. Hahha. I was thinking about that before I saw your comment