New Driveclub Videos and Screenshots Show More Weather, Racing Without HUD, Multiplayer, Event List

Driveclub is hitting in two days, and is already pre-loading on PS4 units around North America, and Sony is getting ready to open the floodgates, but more videos and screenshots are coming from the lucky fellas that already got their paws on the game.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1168d ago

OMG DualShockers, please staaaahp!

GribbleGrunger1168d ago

What's the problem? Driveclub is releasing and I want every damned shred of information I can get my hands on. If Dualshockers are quicker and more efficient than other sites, so be it.

aceitman1168d ago

for anyone interested in seeing a comparison shot from last year to final build. (and the haters that say its a downgrade put ur foot in ur mouth its an upgrade.

dantesparda1168d ago

Wow, impressive! This game looks like its going to be a blast.

grailly1168d ago

they're getting all my clicks... I wouldn't stop either. I'm part of the problem :(

MasterCornholio1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Why don't you stop?

Just because you hate Driveclub doesn't give you the right to stop the press from reporting on it.

N4G is not communist China under the rule of Mao Tse Dong you know?

Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press.


Yeah those Mr X followers look really dumb now. I dont know why some people cling on to his crazy conspiracy.

First he claimed that Infamous was downgraded. Then he claimed that Driveclub was downgraded.

When will people ever learn?

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MysticStrummer1168d ago

Ahhh so close and yet so far.

*drinks self to sleep*

alb18991168d ago

Too much is not enough, all I can read in this site is about DC and Destiny.

Forn1168d ago

I just want my dang copy in my dang PS4 so I can play the dang amazing game myself! Gahhh!!!

Travis37081168d ago

This game is going to be a blast! Only a few more days left until I can test drive tho's cars!

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The story is too old to be commented.