The Best PS4 Games For an Ultra Scary Halloween

PS4Home: "There are a number of terrifying titles currently out which would make for great Halloween entertainment"

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BitbyDeath1328d ago

List is missing PT which is probably the scariest game ever made.

TheJacksonRGN1327d ago

Maybe they didn't count it because it is a demo.

starrman19851327d ago

Longest demo I've ever played! Took me so long to do that final phase, it was more like an indie game!

WeAreLegion1327d ago

I wouldn't say it's the scariest. It's a fun little demo, but too predictable to be as scary as some other games.

MysticStrummer1327d ago

"Although it has received quite a lot of negative publicity, rest assured Zombie Studios’ “Daylight” is definitely a good Halloween-centric selection."

I guess I missed the negative publicity, and I didn't know Daylight would be out so soon. I'll have to look that up.

Malphite1327d ago

Daylight has been out for quite some time. And it's honestly a boring and repetitive game imo. Could it be that you're confusing it with Dying Light?

MysticStrummer1327d ago

Ahhh yeah I was confusing the two. Just woke up and still foggy headed I guess.

FullmetalRoyale1327d ago

The Evil Within... She calls for me.

I really like Mikami's games, every one that I have personally played at least.