6 PlayStation IP’s that probably won’t be making the leap to PS4

PSGamer: The first few years of any new console generation are exciting. It is a time when developers are cooking up new, risky IP’s and throwing them out there to see what sticks. A time when old favourites return with a new look or features thanks to the added power under the hood. It is also a time when studios, publishers and platform holders start to sort the wheat from the chaff. In this process, there are always IP’s that are left behind and Sony are one of the worst offenders in this respect. Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, Medievil and Syphon Filter are all strong IP’s that have fallen by the way side after a new console generation has swooped in – but what of the PS3’s franchises?

Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, InFamous, Killzone & Ratchet and Clank have all made the cut for PS4 but what will Sony be shelving from its other titles in the PS3 catalogue? We take a look at 6 Sony First Part owned IP’s that probably won’t be making the jump to PS4.

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DarXyde1326d ago

I don't want to imagine a world without a Warhawk sequel.

That game was fun. Mad, chaotic, 32-player fun.

BitbyDeath1326d ago

Agreed, best online game ever.

InTheZoneAC1326d ago

I guess you never played Socom 1, 2, 3, CA, or Confrontation(post Cold Front/Pre Major PS3 Hack)

guitarded771326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Warhawk... I wish it would make a new-gen leap, but as long as I get a PROPER Star Wars Battlefront, I'll survive.

Also, Planetside 2 is eventually coming to PS4. I think the Warhawk faithful will dig it... even if it's not third person.

Sony also needs to do something BIG with SOCOM. Problem is, Zipper is gone, and LightBox Interactive isn't working on console games right now :/

Warhawk, SOCOM and FAT PRINCESS!!! Three excellent competitive Sony games.

EDIT: I thought there were rumors of WipeOut being developed for PS4.

bouzebbal1326d ago

WipEout developers opened a new studio and they are working on a WipEout-like experience called Formula Fusion.

Socom H-Hour is coming to PS4.

ChronoJoe1326d ago

I think the article is a little negative in regards to the prospect of these intellectual properties.

I definitely don't think we've seen the last of Wipeout. It's a classic, and I'm sure, despite studio liverpool being closed now, that we'll see someone take the IP later down the road.

Much of studio liverpools staff are now at Evolution studios (making driveclub), so I wouldn't be surprised if they go on to make other racing games (Motorstorm / Wipeout) so neither of those IPs are very likely to be dead and burried.

Also the articles logic is flawed, constantly saying its 'more likely they'll make a new ip' for games like Socom. Sure Socom isn't the most popular household name, but giving your game the socom title at least guarantees some attention, so I'm sure Sony wouldn't just discard these valuable properties.

Sony generally make good use of most of the intellectual property that they own, consistently. They don't just sit on it. Only a few, one-off titles have they just let fall by the wayside (Alundra and Modnation Racers are two examples) and I think don't think they'll do that with many of the titles on this list either.

Hell even titles like Planetside, Sony revived. It doesn't need to have been a blockbuster for the IP to be worth something.

1Victor1326d ago

@ in the zone I guess you never play warhawk or Starhawk when you say stuff like that.warhawk /Starhawk community the best and there is people who play Starhawk online on a daily basis no matter what time you log in you'll find a open server with a lot of people playing Starhawk .In my opinion and everyone that keep playing Starhawk online it is the best online multiplayer game to date and it will be a tragic day for us if Sony isn't working on a sequel to it as I write this message

SonyWarrior1326d ago

I would really like to see a ps4 Jet Moto game I miss that game it was so hard and awsome

irepbtown1325d ago

Socom Confrontation, graphically, was below par however...

It was one hell of a game. I cannot even begin to imagine the number of hours I spent playing that game. It was so much fun.

Warhawk too, I absolutely loved that game.

Damn, I miss them.

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Insomnia_841326d ago

I'd all over it even if ported to the PS4 as it is! Definitely one of the best multiplayer games last gen!

ricochetmg1326d ago

I want MAG. It was a great game ahead of its time hell it could be the same game just f2p next gen.

ricochetmg1326d ago

I thought that was coming .

Muzikguy1326d ago

He's meaning we have Planetside2 now in MAG's place

garrettbobbyferguson1325d ago

I'm speaking based upon playing the beta for 20 hours, but MAG was not a good game. Gunplay was weak, it looked horrible. I'd rather not have another mag. The only thing that it had going for it was the player count, and even that did nothing to make the game better. You never even interacted with half the people in the match. If you want that go play planetside 2.

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millgate11326d ago

I don't want to either but if we're being realistic, it's unlikely.

Starhawk in a way was a reboot....and unfortunately a flop. I doubt Sony will feel inclined to publish a sequel anytime soon.

HammadTheBeast1326d ago

Eh Starhawk tried, but build and battle was too much for whats supposed to be a simpler game.

TheTimeDoctor1326d ago

Starhawk was absolutely terrible. warhawk was simple and pure fun.

millgate11326d ago

I actually really enjoyed Starhawk. Build and battle was really unique, unfortunate it didn't take off. I blame Sony for the game's flop. Literally no marketing was done for it.

Silly gameAr1326d ago

Starhawk was actually pretty awesome and underrated imo. It just didn't do to well for whatever reason. That doesn't make it absolutely terrible.

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Patrick_pk441326d ago

Imagine a remake of Starhawk with upgraded visuals and gameplay on the PS4. Jesus, that would be fantastic.

Patrick_pk441325d ago

@Majin-vegeta Damn...that was 295 days ago. I hope they actually decided to make a remaster of it.

geddesmond1326d ago

As a PS Beta tester I can say false on 2 of these. Won't say anymore but just wait and when you see you'll say god dam these look great.

oODEADPOOLOo1326d ago

@guitarded77 As someone whos played warhawk, I can honestly say PS2 is going to be my main online multiplayer game for rest 2014 and most of 2015 if not then battlefront 3.

Ol_Boy1326d ago

It's a damn shame if they don't give us a warhawk sequel for the ps4. At least give us an HD remaster with more maps and a better clan system and a more stable connection...

Totoro171325d ago

Yeah, buddy!! Warhawk on the PS3 as my very first online game and the reason I wanted to get a PS3 in the first place. So. Much. FUN!

WeedyOne1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Starhawk was ok but Warhawk is the real gem and needs a sequel!

Also Mod Nation Racers was one of the coolest kart racers EVER! The amount of customization in that game was INSANE! Custom character? check! Custom Kart? Check! Custom tracks? Check!

I made an evil looking kart with a driver that was a green devil with a halo over his head and a bullet hole going through his head with blood dripping from the holes!

If the PS4 could get rid of those looooong loading times....

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DragoonsScaleLegends1326d ago

I hope Sony makes some type of kart game on PS4. Preferably a kart game that uses PlayStation characters like All Stars did.

jspsc1231326d ago

it wont top mario kart. i tried mod nation and mario kart is just better. what they need to bring back is motorstorm.

Jaqen_Hghar1326d ago

if at first you don't succeed...give up?

CervantesPR11326d ago

Twisted Metal is better than mario kart

Ravenheartzero1326d ago

Crash team racing was pretty awesome

Ravenor1325d ago

Yeah but getting the Crash IP back and talking Naughty Dog into making a sequel might take some work.

CTR is the only cart racer to ever surpass Mario Kart. (Diddy Kong Racing was broken, shhhhh)

Master-H1326d ago

I like the editing in ModNation and the drifting, i didn't like the general handling on the karts ,and i felt the level design of the tracks on disc to be lackluster, at least compared to Crash Team Racing.

What i'd really like to see return is PS ALl Stars Battle Royale, i have tons of fun with it with friends locally every weekend.

Inception1326d ago

Sony had tons of IP that needs a revival on PS4/Vita

- Wild Arms
- Syphon Filter
- The Getaway
- Dark Cloud
- Alundra
- Twisted Metal
- Legend of Legaia
- Legend of Dragoon
- Arc the Lad
- Mr Mosquito
- Patapon
and many more

I will be happy if half of my list got a revival. But with sony always pushing for new IP's than i'm crossing my fingers >.<

A012345671326d ago



A new Medievil would be amazing, so long as its not like the PSP reboot... :)

equal_youth1326d ago

Mr. Mosquito!!1 weird game but also very awesome ^^

Kingdomcome2471326d ago

I'd like a new Dr.Muto, and Legacy of Kain.

Kingdomcome2471326d ago

Edit above:I only had a PS2 that gen and I didn't keep up with games like I do now. I didn't know that Dr. Muto was cross- platform.

Ravenor1325d ago

Legacy of Kain also showed up on the PC, it's also one of those series that Sony has zero control over. We could also go on and on about how that series slowly died by a million cuts.

Ravenor1325d ago

Twisted Metal was rebooted, it didn't work out so well for Sony. I could see Dark Cloud gaining some traction, but Legend of Legaia or Legend of Dragoon? That's wishful thinking, if sequels to those games were going to happen they would have happened on the PS2. They did in Legaia's case, just not published by Sony.

Also a large majority of those JRPG's in your list weren't published by Sony in North America or Europe. G Fresh(Eidos) brought Legaia 2 to NA, same with Mr Mosquito not Sony. Working Designs brought Arc the Lad collection, same with Alundra.

I love your list and I'd probably start screaming like a small child for Legend of Dragoon. I won't say it's entirely impossible, I mean I didn't even mention things like The Getaway or Syphon Filter. The odds are just stacked so high against all of those games, it's not even worth the thought.

Inception1325d ago

Yes, sony didn't publish some of those games for NA/EU. But sony still owns the IP. Like Wild Arms where WA 3, 4, 5, and XF are published by Xseed/Ubisoft in NA/EU and sony still owns the IP.

For Legaia and Legend of Dragoon, well, never say never. I knew they skip PS2 and PS3, but if there's enough demand from the fans than i'm sure sony will remake or make a sequel for both of them. Just look at Oreshika / Over My Dead Body. The 1st game released for PS1 in 1999 and the sequel skip PS2 & PS3. But after 15 years sony make the sequel for Vita. With PS4 selling like hotcakes, we still have some hope to see a remake / sequel for Legaia and Legend of Dragoon.

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Omar911326d ago

Warhawk was the best online experience last gen. I wish a proper sequel was being developed but sadly it doesn't seem to be the case.