TheSixthAxis:Lords Of The Fallen's Monstrous Menace Brings A Familiar Challenge

At its most basic, Lords Of The Fallen is inspired by the Souls games. In fact, if someone had told me while playing the demo that it was in fact a new entry to that franchise I would not have been surprised at all. It felt like a Souls game, it looked like a Souls game, and it played like a Souls game. However, Lords Of The Fallen is not part of that franchise and is its own title coming from Deck13 Interactive, and CI Games, formerly City Interactive.

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jronj1257d ago

"I had one major problem with the demo and that was the camera. There were countless times when during a fight the camera would just swing around and obscure what I saw, which led to me not being able to see what I was doing or where the enemies were coming from"

Wow this really is a souls clone :)

I love the souls franchise, but adjusting your view is a constant chore.
You get used to it after awhile and it becomes second nature..

RyanShutup1257d ago

No way the camera is going to be adjusted before launch sadly. Still picking this up day one.