Shadow of Mordor? I Think the Shadow's of Arkham

So, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is here and….. it’s good. Before people had gotten their hands onto it, its most common comparison was Assassin’s Creed. Although it shares some similarities to Ubisoft’s annual hooded franchise, it isn’t what springs to mind the most when playing as Talion. In actuality, Shadows of Mordor feels just like WB’s own Arkham Series.

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gravelchalice1328d ago

Anyone else who's played Shadow of Mordor agree with the article?

-Einhert-1328d ago

Yeah definitely although I would say I prefer mordors combat because it feels grittier and is far more violent thanks to those amazing executions.

The animations in mordor are also top notch as well and I think the wraith powers really lend to it and mix it up. There is nothing more badass than teleporting to an Uruk and slicing its head off then teleporting to his friend who is dumbstruck and doing the same.

sobotz1328d ago

The good combat is just the tip of iceberg in this game, the real selling point is Nemesis. It's so much fun to build your own army, etc.

Stoppokingme1328d ago

The devs have already said that they were influenced by the combat of the Arkham series.

And that's not a bad thing. I've never played SoM but if the combat is as fluent as Arkham City then that's a good thing.

Irishguy951328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Ya it is true, i'm okay with it but the combat was not really inspired it was a straight rip with different powers(some powers being the same)

urwifeminder, well, there is explosive barrels in this game XD

Great game though

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urwifeminder1328d ago

Lord of the rings plus batman lol may as well add dragons and exploding red barrels .

deathstriker1328d ago

I see more AC than Batman in Mordor. Since AC has melee weapons, arrows, violent counters, a more similar traversal system than Batman's gliding, etc. Batman reminds me more of Splinter Cell (if you play it the stealth way), since you're using gadgets to sneak up on guys and looking down from above.

Sketchy_Galore1328d ago

No, Batman's of Arkham. I think the Shadow's of New York City if I remember correctly, at least according to the old radio serials he was.

oIITSBIIo1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Yes especially the combat finally we have a better combat than Arkham city and the AI is make it more enjoyable it's not like the most game out there when the enemies let you finish their mate then start to hit you ( AC for example ).
I'm wondering if there is a former Rocksteady employer worked on this game .
Shadow of Mordor is the most fun game this year so far for me .

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