Driveclub's Pre-Load on PS4 Now Available in NA, Tomorow in Europe; Day One Patch Coming

If you want to get your PS4 ready to play Driveclub at launch, now you can, at least in North America, as mentioned by Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, who also advised that European gamers will get the same privilege tomorrow, while those in the UK will have to wait until Wednesday. A day one patch is coming.

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CoTton_MoUtH1408d ago

If I change the time zone on my PS4 will I be able to play earlier then 3am? I live on the East Coast

mandf1408d ago

No I already tried on and offline. Great thinking though. Shadow of Mordor didn't work.

Mr Pumblechook1408d ago

Does anybody know if preloads are ready to play at midnight on the day of sale, or do you have to wait until the PSN store is updated later during the day?

Obz1408d ago

+Mr. Pumblechook

I pre loaded destiny and was able to play it right on Midnight.

Mr Pumblechook1408d ago

Thanks Obz! I might have to make Drive Club my first pre-load.

GameSpawn1408d ago

It should be noted (at least in the US) you can start playing at midnight PACIFIC TIME. I'm in the Central Time Zone and couldn't play Destiny or SS: First Light until 2am my time day of release. I think this is because the US servers are primarily based on the west coast.

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A012345671408d ago

They really should support region based releases online. :/

They did back in the day with the warhawk release I think.

Muzikguy1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

My PS4 has been ready to play DC, without the preload...

Edit: on worldwide releases... I always thought that's because of the days things normally come out. Like on Tuesdays in the US. Also LMFAO at disagrees. I'm sorry people but my PS4 WAS ready to play DC when I bought the system. Been waiting ever since. Have a nice day

THC CELL1408d ago

Why have a review the game is on psplus try it out like it buy it hate it well no fee unless u new to psplus

HeavenlySnipes1408d ago

Maybe it's unplayable without the day one patch, or reviewers are holding off until the day one patch

Either way we all (mostly) get to play the game for ourselves with the PS+ edition of the game

GameDev11408d ago

Tuesday 6AM

Wait until then to troll another Drive club article again, Thank you for your concern

Eonjay1408d ago

I heard they were coming tomorrow. Where did you hear Tuesday out of curiosity?

GameDev11408d ago


Over at neogaf, Lots of people saying embargo will lift early on Tuesday, that specific time was given

CPTN MITCHELL1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

@Ryan741 Nba 2k15 has no reviews so what's your point

Blaze9291407d ago

bigger question is what is YOUR point?

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Donjune1408d ago

Where are the reviews? I'm a little nervous about this. .

THC CELL1408d ago

It's on psplus like it buy it hate it no loss unless u don't have ps plus

Eonjay1408d ago

If reedit is correct the reviews may be up by the time you wakeup tomorrow. And if you still feel nervous just take the free version for a spin.

windblowsagain1408d ago

Nothing to be nervous about.

Goto live streaming and watch the game being played now.

Looks awesome and should be a very good game.

Bigkurz851408d ago

I don't see anyone streaming it.

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