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Harry Bowers writes: "Blurring the lines between linear AAA FPS and loot crazed MMO, Destiny is many things. Accordingly, it has many flaws. Yet not one of these flaws are deal breakers. Though not in any sense perfect, it is, in nearly every sense, compelling. Those looking for a radically new benchmark in FPS gaming will be sorely disappointed, while those who choose to enjoy Destiny for exactly what it is will easily find one of the most absorbing experiences available on current gen consoles."

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ricochetmg1410d ago

Am I missing something because i really like this game

jts18911410d ago

No, the problem is these 'reviewers' are missing something.

BootyBandit1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I don't "personally" know a soul that purchased Destiny that don't, not only enjoy it, but flat out love it.

All of them could careless about reviews. The gaming media is irrelevant. It's only used as a marketing tool. These developers and publishers could give a toss what any of them have to say.

I absolutely love Destiny and I am completely addicted to it. Anyone on my friends list would attest to that. I have my Titan to 28 and Hunter to 25. I'm starting my Warlock tomorrow.

Dontworrybhappy1410d ago

I love this game! PVP kinda sucks though. MCC can't come soon enough for some awesome MP action! :D

ricochetmg1409d ago

i like the pvp better than the campaing

jts18911410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

This review perfectly sums up my problem with every single Destiny review I've read so far. He complains about the story being delivered through dialogue instead of cut scenes, and says it's 'bad storytelling' because it isn't 'gripping'.

The fact that he says he didn't know the game was finished after the last mission also made me laugh and told me he wasn't paying attention to the dialogue to begin with. I mean, we'd only spent all of our time since we first arrived on Venus searching for the Black Garden to destroy it's heart.

It's almost sad to see how many people seem to want games to move from being -games- to interactive movies like TLOU. When a game has just as many cinematic moments as it does gameplay, something is wrong.

BootyBandit1410d ago

The game is amazing. I can't stop playing it. Look at my post history and noticed I barely post the past several days. I have been living on this game day and night. I am trying to get my Titan and Hunter to level 30. I haven't been this addicted to a shooter since Quake 2.

This is one of my favorite games of al time and I know Bungie is only going to make it better with updates, DLC and expansions. More importantly sequels.