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It sounds a bit odd to say that Pier Solar and the Great Architects (Pier Solar HD) is the high-definition port of a Sega Genesis game released in 2010.

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ValKilmer1411d ago

Everybody should buy this game. We need to support more retro RPG projects like this.

contradictory1411d ago

we definitely need to support more JRPG's on PC.
i can't imagine how happy i'd be to have Atlus, Level-5, and even some Squenix titles on steam

atleast Squenix has taken some steps towards re-releases as of late... not that i'd ever buy FF XIII on steam since i didn't really care for it but nvm...

this game however looks like interesting oldschool JRPG which i'm down for.

rhap1411d ago

I'm done with Shadow of Mordor, time to start this one! Looks gorgeous and, ironically for a turn based game, refreshing compared to all the action RPGs around.

ValKilmer1411d ago

That's a funny game shift.

RandomGamer1411d ago

I am in the same boat as you. I am about 20 hours into Shadow of Mordor and once I finish it I to will be jumping into Pier Solar .

rhap1411d ago

Just started Pier Solar HD and noticed the many available languages you can choose, even my native one, portuguese. Pretty cool, didn't expect that.

The song from the main menu is very nice.

motherboop1411d ago

Give it a couple of hours, you'll be hooked! I was shocked at how a game of this style could keep me hooked the way it has. It feels like playing Lunar game for the first time!

GamingSinceThe80s1411d ago

Cool just checked PSN and its on there and only $15!I have been wanting to play this game for years!

BG115791411d ago

This game cannot arrive to soon on the EU PSN.
I want it now!!!

Inception1411d ago

This game have Lunar Silver Star vibe on it and i'm interested to give it a try.

Anyway, i just replaying some classic JRPG such as Breath of Fire IV and Legend of Mana on Vita and boy oh boy they're still awesome. I hope some big developers like SE, capcom, or konami doesn't afraid to go back to 2D graphic again for they JRPG, but of course with HD sprite. I mean, developers like Vanillaware, NIS, or ArcSys still using 2D graphic for their games and it looks good.

GamingSinceThe80s1411d ago

Did you play Radiant Historia on the DS?If not you should check it out as it is the best of the newer 2d rpg's imo.Youtube should have some videos showing off it's greatness!I'm going to check out the games you listed which I have heard of but have yet to try.

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