Destiny Review – Lackluster Beauty at its Best (Part One) | LzyGmrs

Destiny is a pretty ambitious game, costing a whopping $500 million dollars on development and marketing, taking publisher Activision away from the comfort of already established franchise Call of Duty. So with it comes great risk and maybe a bit too much fate in the shared-world shooter to eclipse what similar titles have done before. Nevertheless, it’s still a strange and wonderful game, one that Bungie can be proud of for its first installment in a long-planned lineage.


Score - 7/10

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ChronoJoe1412d ago

Bad writing and miss information in the excerpt, and it's only part one!

its_JEFF1412d ago

Another so called "journalist" quoting the $500 million figure... SMH, what happened to checking your facts?

The_KELRaTH1412d ago

I've had so much fun with this game - by far my favourite purchase this year.

I like the way the game evolves - I'm level 24 and found there's an Ogre on Earth a few days ago!!

Got my 1st Exotic weapon, started a 2nd character, running Queens bounties and in desperate need of Ascendant shards :)