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It’s amazing that a concept once meant to reboot the struggling Spyro franchise has grown into such a phenomenon. Yet Skylanders’ popularity quickly outgrew the Spyro moniker to the point that it was outright dropped from the sophomore year of the series, relegating the once iconic purple dragon to little more than another Skylander. While the series has been around only three years, it’s already become a video game staple and it’s hard to imagine a world without. In fact, it’s even spawned a formable opponent in Disney Infinity. With the fourth incarnation of the franchise, Skylanders Trap Team, Activision hopes to fend off any territory encroachment while redefining the series enough to keep it relevant.

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ValKilmer1386d ago

Seems like this one may be the best yet.

thereapersson1386d ago

These games seem pretty fun, especially coming from someone who lamented the passing of the Spyro games when the rights were sold off. I'm glad they managed to find something worthwhile to make using the IP.

Gezmoyassine1386d ago

Just curious but how is the Skylanders series doing in Japan?is popular or not?

Zanzibar1061385d ago

They only released the first Skylanders game over there (late, I think it came out in Japan AFTER Giants launched elsewhere) and it failed miserably.

Odd, too, seems like it'd be right up Japan's alley.

Gezmoyassine1385d ago

I find that odd as well.I thought Japan would be all over Skylanders.SO only the first Skylanders was released in Japan?What about the sequels or did Activision decided it wasn't worth it?

Zanzibar1061385d ago

(Weird, can't reply to your 2nd comment. Heh!)

None of the follow-up games have been released in Japan. It's not only the game, it's the packaging of the toys and and obtaining shelf space that can get pretty expensive. I think they released SSA as a test and if it did well they'd port the rest, but alas.