Racing seats, wheels and other add-ons to buy along with DriveClub to optimize your experience

The complimentary products recommended by Game Idealist to buy along with DriveClub tin order to optimize your experience with the PlayStation 4 racing game.

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metalgod881411d ago

I own a Driving Force GT. I bought it for $130 USD. If I'm forced to buy a new wheel just so I can play one single game with a wheel..then guess what, I'm not going to play it with a wheel.

As unfortunate as that sounds, its the situation most sim racing fans are facing with the PS4 and XB1. Sure, the quality of the wheel mentioned in the article is amazing, but there's no point in buying another wheel just to play one game that isn't even racetrack oriented.

WeAreLegion1411d ago

Agreed. That Driving Force is great for Euro Truck Simulator 2, by the way.

GameSpawn1411d ago

For DriveClub, Evolution mentioned they had been working with primarily Thrustmaster wheels and those are going to most likely be the first if not only compatible.

Gran Turismo has traditionally used Logitech's wheels, so that series has better compatibility.

With DriveClub being more "arcadey" wheels and chairs may be overkill.

I still have a Logitech Driving Force Pro that I got almost a decade ago (for like $25 as a clearance item because it was open box - it was still retailing for $150!!! - I damn near stole the thing). I may hook it up to see if it works with DriveClub, but it is reserved for use with all my GT games. The G25 and G27 are much better wheels, but considering what I got mine for, how long I've had it, and the fact it is STILL compatible with newer Gran Turismo's I don't think I did too bad.

blakstarz1411d ago

I agree with you wholeheartedly, I have the exact same racing wheel along with the Wheel Stand Pro and it's a damn shame that Sony hasn't release an update to allow these wheels to play with the current racing games on the PS4.
I just hate the fact that I feel I have to give up and sell this, but luckily I still have my PS3 and worst case is that I'll just have to stick with using the wheel on the PS3 and wait to see if they ever do support it or I'll have to bite and get a new one, but I'm gonna hold off on that for a while though.

spence524901411d ago

DFGT owner here as well. Really sucks for us. I like the T300, but I feel like as soon as I buy it we'll get support for the logitech wheels.

metalgod881411d ago

Honestly, I'm not really sure I'd use a wheel a whole lot for a game like this, but if Sony released an update to allow us to use our old wheels that were supported on the ps3, I'd definitely give it a go. I just hope there's wheel support before Project Cars releases.

opoikl1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

"just for one game"

I'm afraid your going to miss out on more than one game if both Sony and Logitech refuse to collaborate on this security chip issue.

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Qrphe1411d ago

Just waiting for the t300rs to be available in the US, else I may get t500rs from a contact for $400 which is my last option atm.

level 3601411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Am going back to control pads and will never ever spend another cent on any expensive steering wheel other add-ons that has a very limited support/compatibility issues and update time span.

I'm done with them.

SilentSolid1410d ago

I guess I have to start playing more racing sims on pc then. Not gonna buy a new wheel cuz G27 doesn't work on ps4.

blakstarz1410d ago

@ Insomnia_84
It requires more than just an update...


Oh well..... :(