Shadow Of Mordor - GamerCrowd Review

Liam from GamerCrowd has been playing a lot of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor lately, and here's what he has to say about it.

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kaitora1298d ago

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I'm still pretty new at the whole reviewing scene, but it's good to know that people enjoy it

All_Consoles1298d ago

Digital foundry proved it's 30fps locked on Xbox one and ps4 despite rumors

starchild1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Yep, the people giving you disagrees are silly. Lots of people were claiming it was an "unlocked 60fps" on PS4 when in fact it is actually 30fps.

Besides, the term "unlocked 60fps" doesn't even make sense. You can only cap framerates below the average framerate, you can't "lock" a framerate higher than the average framerate the hardware is capable of. Calling it an "unlocked 60fps" would actually imply that the game was running above 60fps, not below.

It would be better to refer to such games as having a "variable framerate" or, more specifically, "an uncapped 30fps (with variable framerate running somewhere between 30fps and 60fps)".

GundalfDeGrej1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I could to some degree understand if people disagreed because they thought All-Consoles were "needless hating" but then I noticed that the review specifically says that the game runs at 60 fps which is factually wrong. So yeah, I agree with both of you.

kaitora1298d ago

Thanks for that catch. I feel like an idiot, as I was saying to Ritchi that it was 30fps on PS4 the day before I wrote my article, but i mistakenly typed 60fps. I have since ammended the article. Thank you once again :D

Clown_Syndr0me1298d ago

Such an addictive game. Fair review!

starchild1298d ago

Yeah, it really is a fantastic game. One of the freshest experiences I've had in a while.

KakashiHotake1298d ago

My copy just finished downloading. Cant wait to play this after I beat Wolfeinstien.

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