‘Destiny': Upcoming Updates And Six Changes That Need To Come

INQ: The arrival of the Destiny 1.02 patch went a long way towards solving a major complaint with the game by PlayStation and Xbox owners. The loot system has improved, but there’s obviously much more to do. Bungie has already hinted at some of the fixes that are coming, but I have six that top my list of must have changes the sci-fi shooter.

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joab7771292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

All good ideas except the loot drop rate is FINE. DO NOT increase it. Everyone bitched about it the 1st couple weeks. All those same ppl in less than a month are level 28-29, working on raid gear and shards. If it must be raised, raise it once u hit 27 or 28 b/c at that point every piece will be broken down for shards.

If you do the content, daily, weekly, strikes, crucible, reputation, you will level fine. Just remember, be cautious in what you use shards on. And get the pieces from the Queens Wrath for as many characters as you can while it's here.

OmegaShen1292d ago

The queen's gear is worth less and it no longer gives shards. Then again my luck has been ungodly with getting alot of exotic gear (some that my warlock can't use).

Lv28, drop a level after getting a raid chest armor and a exotic helmet.

ScottyHoss1292d ago

Believe me man having a second character is the best thing ever, because all those pieces you can't use instantly boost their level once they hit 20

pedrof931291d ago

They shouls fix the way to invite to the fireteam. Its too slow. And they should make a chat section in tower like WoW or in this case DCUO.

JeffGUNZ1291d ago

I think they should fix or add more ways to get materials to upgrade legendary and exotic gear. I have to cure cancer to get an ascend shard and need 6 of them to do a level of the gear, then 12 more to max the gear. I have all legendary gear, minus the class armor, two from the queen and two I bought from the Vanguard.

Also Exotice Weapon bounties should not force players who play PvE to have to play PvE to get it. It's frustrating.

OmegaShen1291d ago

Right now I got 15 energy's, which is useless to me because I need shards.

A vender that we can trade to would help.

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Gardenia1291d ago

This game isn't worth spending weeks on to find legendary loot. There isn't enough different kinds of loot to make it interesting, like it is in a MMO. Looking at my friend list I can already see were in the first week everyone was playing Destiny now most losing interest in the game

geddesmond1291d ago

Yep the game is a waste of money and way to repetitive. I've seen less repetitive games than destiny getting stick for being repetitive but bungie gets a pass. When I bought the game I though it was the whole solar system we could explore, not just 4 planets and a moon.

Look at my comment history, at first I defended this game but oh boy how much I despise it now. I just want to see it drop off the face of the earth right now. 100 plus hourss of my life I will never get back.

arkard1291d ago

You say it was repetitive and not worth your time yet stuck 100+ hours into it?

Maxor1291d ago

Where did the money go? For a game with a 500 million budget it came with bare bones content and child like mission designs. Does it really take this much money to create loot caves?

CaptainObvious8781291d ago

I've found that as well. At anyone time when it released roughly 2/3 of my friends list were playing Destiny, me included.

Now it's roughly 1/6.

I was bored within a week. The core game is great, it just needs a lot more content and a completely overhauled loot system.

arkard1291d ago

@Maxor The game has been said time and time again to not cost 500$ million. The 500$million is for the franchise and includes advertising.

The_KELRaTH1291d ago

I'm lost as to how anybody can complain about the lack of content when just one section - the Crucible has more content than a CoD game and far better maps let alone better upgrade paths and player motion.

I appreciate some will say it doesn't have the CoD / BF SP campaign but most SP campaigns tagged onto FPS games are over in 8 hours or so.

As for some suggesting it's repetitive in a bad way - it's an FPS game, fps games are repetitive - so then is tennis, football etc etc but many of us like repetitive because no game is ever quite the same and it's about winning!

Sure there are features I'd like to see expanded on like using larger areas for bigger player count games and suspect that will happen in due course.

Noticed a new entry to the King's area earlier!

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geddesmond1291d ago

Really loot drop rate is fine and thats why I deleted this game 3 days ago. The game is complete garbage, implementing things to try and hold on to a fanbase even though its more repetitive that the first assasins creed game.

The people not complaining about the loot drops are the ones who already have exotics while people like me who played the game for more than 100 hours are still yet to find one.

Enjoy your destiny because this game has been pinned on the wall I pee against when I'm drunk and unable to make it to the bathroom. My lesson has been well learned and bungie will never get 1 cent from me again. I play games for fun and not to waste my life on. When I play it's for an hour here and there not to grind on a dumb shooter for months in hopes of an exotic that might make me stronger to take on the next repetitive thing in the game. Screw that and screw those retarded devs.

resi51291d ago

And yet you put in a 100 plus hours into the game.....

geddesmond1291d ago


Yes because this generation has seen only a handful of games released so far(mostly fricking remasters of games I already played and finished last gen) which is the main reason Destiny sold so much. Its either get my moneys worth out of this useless piece of crap called destiny or play other games I own but have played to death. Have fun with your fast dying game. 29 psn friends have played this, only 2 of those I seen playing today. Yesterday it was 5.

Destiny is the worst game I have ever played. Destiny really is a very very bad game. Destiny should win an award for the worst new IP ever created. I named my number twos after destiny so whenever I need a crap I now say I'm going for a crap because its my destiny. Bungie is a very over rated developer. I dare anyone to give me a reason to why they think destiny is great becaus they are just sheep following the shepard cause there is none.

Ah but you play the same missions over and over again and thats great because you can now draw maps of each area straight from your memory. Grinding for exotics is so fun. I just repeat strike after strike after strike after strike after strike after strike after strike after strike after strike after strike wait 1 purple engram, is it an exotic? nah. ok, strike after strike after strike after strike after strike after strike. Boring.

Booyah1291d ago

dude, either buy exotic from Xur(week-end only) or do your exotic weapon bounty
(one of the bounty gives the 2nd best hand canon in-game from what I heard)

avidgamer11291d ago

The guy is obviously lying about putting 100 plus hours into the game. Otherwise he would have achieved enough strange coins to buy as much exotics from xur as he pleased.

kurruptor1291d ago

Troll or idiot. You put 100 hours into the worst game ever? Makes a lot of sense.

patsrule3161291d ago

I am in a similar boat, and have been frustrated, but apparently not to your level. I put in around 100 hours, and just got my first purple gun yesterday, let alone an exotic weapon. I got the purple gun from making level 3 of future war cult. I am level 27 and have purple armor in every slot, and the exotic radar helmet for my helmet. However, my purple armors need ascendant shards that I just don't have. I spent all of my crucible marks on the purples I have. I only have a couple of PS4 friends, so all of my time has been in the crucible, matchmaking strikes, patrolling, and story missions. I do the public events every day and gold them too. But shards are impossible for me to get. I have done the daily story mission every day, but without matchmaking, I cannot do the weekly strikes or the raid. Bungie has basically shut people like me out from those events, at least until I somehow make more PSN friends. It seems those are the types of missions that might yield a purple item so I can break it down and get some shards.

As for the weapons, In my about 100 hours, I have 21 coins at this point. I am in the middle of the exotic fusion bounty, but it takes forever to kill 200 level 28 enemies with a blue fusion rifle solo, under-leveled and under-armored, in the nightfall strike. People say 'Buy a purple weapon' which I would, but right now I have 70 crucible marks and am maxed out for the week. I have 195 vanguard marks, but am only level 1 vanguard, because I spent my time upping my future war cult level. The worst is the people who say you are doing it wrong. I don't have people to play the strikes and raids with, so I just don't get to 'do it right'

The thing is, I actually really like the core gameplay, shooting mechanics, etc. But the system they set up has MAJOR flaws with it. There should be optional matchmaking on everything, the loot system is horrible, the story is lacking, and they marketed it as 'You can play the way you want to play and do what you want do the things you want to do.', but it turns out if you play the way you want to play and do the things you want to do, you don't advance past a certain point and some self-satisfied people well tell you that you are doing it wrong. But all that being said, I am still playing, and really like the good parts of the game.

FunkMacNasty1291d ago

@geddesmond - you say you "play games for fun"
and when "you play for an hour here and there" you don't want to grind.

Lemme tell ya something, bud - sinking 100 hours into any game, let alone less than 30 days since it's release, is THE definition of "wasting your life on a game". Destiny has been in stores for 25 days @24 hours/per day, presumable half of which are spent in school/at a job and sleeping, there's probably about 6-8 hours left for you to play destiny each day (assuming you did NOTHING else). So you do the math.

Now here you are bitching about a game you apparently "hated", but that you apparently sunk every waking minute of yor life into over the last three weeks.

Your either a complete troll or a complete liar. Maybe both, this is the internet after all.

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theDivision1291d ago

I agree with what you say. I think once you reach level 27 the game should do away with green drops to increase the drop rate of your blue and up drops. I am not saying by a large amount but green drops are completely worthless and with my character having 500+ weapon parts and hadronic essence I have no use for them and they are almost not worth picking up. I would rather get an increase in other drops than having green drops just bore me all the time.

The_KELRaTH1291d ago

I had that with Glimmer. I just hadn't used it much and found I'd hit the limit of 25000

theDivision1288d ago

Seriously I only use it to upgrade legendaries but that doesn't consume enough so I usually end up just buying worthless engrams when I reach the cap to bump my rank a bit.

ramiuk11291d ago

i silkd my copy on ps4 yesterday.
while i love the game ,it was lacking and with it being on console i know any decent size lvl is gonna ne paid for and i wanted matchmaking for any lvl as i didnt have enough people to play it with so i couldnt do many of the hih lvl stuff(rais/heroics)

oh and the amount of grind i had to do and not even get 1 shard was a joke.
might go back if there is a drought in gaming next year but with division coming out in spring i think i be fine till then.

fonduktoe1290d ago

I'll never silk my copy

ramiuk11290d ago

lol u know what i mean.

sold :)

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Majin-vegeta1292d ago

Loot is fine.Getting rare things shouldnt be easy.

Ability to skip damn cutscenes we've already seen

Dontworrybhappy1291d ago

I can't wait for the Story DLC. :D Just got Thorn few minutes ago, I'm sure it'll get better as it levels.

theDivision1291d ago

It is decent I agree though it does need a boost. Doesn't feel nearly as exotic as invective. They could probably even have it be a legendary at this current moment.

GhostTurtle1291d ago

I like the thorn. Its only problem is reload speed and mag. Too many times you run out of ammo in nightfall or raid and by the time you reload an enemy's shields have gone back up (if your going 1v1 of course). Really looking forward to the gun's buff.

Nicolee1291d ago

There was no story ( or all people you met in game won't tell you anyway ) , all i got from game was ' I don't have time to explain why i don't have time to explain ' /facepalm

LackTrue4K1291d ago

@ dontworrbhappy,

you like the story? really?!?

My toilet bowl has more dept and content then this game has given me....

I enjoy it to a point (coop) but its now border line repetitive.

Lucifun1291d ago

I will admit the story sucks ass, yet I feel that it has some potential... that you have to pay for in the expansion dlc.

GhostTurtle1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

How the hell can the story suck ass? There is no story. Diablo 3 has a "sucks ass" story (nothing against the game, found the new expansion really fun). You cant say a story sucks ass if there is none. Yeah your playing this game, your doing stuff, you really don't know why your doing stuff, all because we don't know s*** about the traveler, or why these enemies are here on earth (or the solar system) to begin with.

andibandit1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


yeah i tried that argument with my teacher's in highschool, when I hadn't handed in reports.

No luck

JeffGUNZ1291d ago

I love Destiny but I have to agree. I still have no idea what exactly the traveler is.

You think they would have given you a solid backdrop of what the traveler is, where it came from, and what is left inside. Is it a ship, a race, or what?

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Tetsujin1292d ago

From playing through the beta and final game (currently 27 Hunter) here's what I want fixed:

- Acknowledgement on the more serious posts on the forums

- Some sort of number/email to contact regarding connection issues

- More stable online experience

- More diverse bounties

- Gunsmith to actually be more than just a few exotic bounties

- More areas to explore

- Trading (within reason of course)

- An option to "Verify" a person wanting to destroy legendary/exotic equipment (for those just in case moments, I never had the issue but I heard of others who did)

There's more however on there's an infinite amount of good ideas from the community

diehllane1290d ago

It goes REALLY slow when you are dismantling a legendary or exotic.
That should be all the verification needed.

leemo191291d ago

Loot drop doesn't need to increase, but Bosses need to drop gear instead of relying on the random selector at the end.
Cutscene skip is needed.
Should be able to go straight to the tower instead of having to go to orbit first.
Gunsmith needs to sell legendary and exotic items at-least once a month, make it like 15000 glimmer.
Cryptroll needs to sell better engrams by what crpytarch level you are.
Needs better customization for your character and allows us to wear any armor we want but still keep our stats, similar to how DCUO does it.

kmeck5181291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I want to be able to re-queue while in the middle of a strike when people drop out. I, tired of getting to the end of a strike then one person drops and the other drops because we are down to two people. It's a huge waste of everyone's time to get to the end and just quit. And matchmaking for raids.

MeteorPanda1291d ago

that was one of the reasons l refunded the game. l can't stand it, 30 minutes wasted cause 1 person is just afking, anothers left and you're there at the end by yourself >.>

l just wish the story made do you explain a human being revived in a goddamn russian carpark? That was exo's starter, not humans yet they merged it all together? Dlc on the first day and the data is on disc is also so bs

Make the game more interesting. People were willing to shoot into a cave for hours cause they deemed that the best use of their time..that's sad.

If this game fixes it's shit in a year l'll pick it up again..maybe.

Tetsujin1291d ago

I agree 100%; I can't stand the thought of someone going afk (especially with chat being limited) just to waste time/space when someone else who wants to do the strike/raid can contribute. If you're lucky one of your friends can jump in (hopefully).

The dropping out thing I don't like either, however there were times a few of us was dropped due to connection issues. Fortunately the people I play with do cross chat so if it does occur we can wait till they come back. What should be implemented is if it's a disconnect it should ask the person in question if they'd like to return to the strike/mission/raid or go to orbit if the spot wasn't filled; and have a timer just in case someone does experience a legit disconnect and not a rage quit.