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Curiously lacking Lord of the Rings in its title, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a release which takes tried and tested ideas then puts its own spin on them.

With a story, which is already making fans of the lore froth at the mouth, the player steps into the shoes of Talion. A ranger tasked with assisting the garrison of the Black Gate at the time of its fall, he is saved from death when a botched ritual fuses him with the wraith of an elf lord of the Second Age. Out for revenge in the name of his dead family, Talion walks a very dark and dangerous path through the wastes of Mordor.

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smellslikeralph1296d ago

Im loving shadow of mordor. Played about 11 hours straight today

generalthadeape1296d ago

Yeah. Stayed up until 4 am the first night I got it. It's a very addictive game, indeed.

-Einhert-1296d ago

Best game I have played all year.

Somebody1296d ago

I'm still fooling around the early part of the game since Friday. I'm just loving the combat system. Some would call it a rip-off of Batman but for me it's an evolution of that mechanic simply because Talion can cancel his ground takedown at ANY point of the process/animation to counter incoming enemies-Batman couldn't even do that even after 3 games!

Geekman1296d ago

That's worse than the 9 I spent on Watch dogs.

Sketchy_Galore1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I've done similarly long sessions for the past two days. It's just too damn addictive and I'm kinda ruining it for myself because I'm levelling up too much without doing any missions but I can't help it.

I keep meaning to get on with the missions or even with some structured Captain hunting but I just can't stop simply running around the map torturing those poor Orcs. I'm not so much the terrifying Grave Walker as the Bart Simpson of middle Earth. I just can't stop sneaking around fortresses dropping insect nests on Orcs(or Uruks or whatever) and setting Caragors free from their cages.

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Rock311295d ago

This one of the sleeper hit of the year great gameplay wounderfull graphic its hole package

DOOMZ1295d ago

I played it for about 6 hours, its ok... Trading it in tomorrow, should have waited...

Gezmoyassine1295d ago

In what genre is this game classified?