Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita Bundles That Could Really Sell

MONG writes: "Handheld gaming has certainly exploded in recent years. With the Nintendo 3DS selling more than 44 million systems and the PlayStation Vita’s dedicated and growing fanbase, there doesn’t seem to be any slowdown.

We previously brought you our thoughts on bundles for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U. Unlike these systems, the Nintendo 3DS already has a slew of bundles and limited edition systems that can entice gamers to make a purchase. Trying to think of some bundles for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita needed some creative thinking, but we’re confident that you’ll enjoy and agree with our picks:"

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gamerfan09091298d ago

The only thing that will sell a PS Vita console to main stream audiences is a GTA exclusive game for that console. Other than that I don't see Sony funding it past another 2 years. I know people in retail that have said they haven't received Vita shipments from Sony for close to a month.

Vegamyster1298d ago

I would love to see Diablo 3/ROS come to the Vita, a bundle would probably do very well.

scark921298d ago

Vita and Persona 4 would be nice!

Jag-T10001298d ago

If you buy a 3DS before the updated 3DS next year you are:
1- Dumb
2- Didn't know another system was coming.

illgrillchill1298d ago

Though it would be a little silly that someone would by the current 3DS, it is still unknown whether or not it is coming to NA, let alone with a date...

Guy1051298d ago

I think they should make a Vita themed 3DS or a Nintendo themed Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.