Nintendo: Being Different Shouldn’t Come at the Expense of Quality

Nintendo is a very influential company that has done a lot for the games industry. However, in a desire to be distinct from its competitors it's also hurting its products and services in the long run.

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Knightshade1410d ago

I just wish Nintendo would at least LOOK at what others are doing in the online space.

Vegamyster1410d ago

They definitely need to add cross-game chat and a better message system, i would also like for them to add online play for their current/upcoming games aka Pikmin 3, NSMBU, 3D World ect.

N4g_null1410d ago

Online play for the games you listed would be very cool. Unfortunately that doesn't effect game play as much so it isn't a priority. The video chat could be used for this though. I am a fan of cell phones though and not using bandwidth to talk to people.

wonderfulmonkeyman1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

And so far, it hasn't lacked too much in quality.
Any issues I've had with their systems have been so minor that they haven't impacted the fun I've had with the games.

Not even the lack of in-game chat, which is easily solved by firing up a chat program on my nearby laptop, has bothered me overmuch, since public lobbies suck and I'd much rather chat with friends that I know aren't going to be the kind of immature dirt-bags I find elsewhere, anyways.

Nintendo still has a few things they need to do as far as online, though.
You'll never hear me call Nintendo flawless.
But seriously?
They aren't so far behind that their consoles aren't enjoyable, and there are WAAAAAYYYYYY too many hate articles about Nintendo in the past couple of years.
We need to quit listening to the spoiled and entitled haters that keep blowing up every small issue into something monumental, and to start giving the games on their consoles the kind of attention and credit that they deserve.

jholden32491410d ago

Right. Nintendo is definitely not perfect, and there are still a few features I'd like to see them implement. But for every feature Wii U or 3DS is missing, there's a feature present that other consoles are missing.

Miiverse is probably the greatest console innovation of the last decade, but nobody gives them credit for that, or complains that even Nintendo has such a feature, yet Sony and MS do not. Backwards compatibility should be a standard across the board, but I never hear anyone complain about the lack of quality on other consoles for not having such a feature. Multiple controller options (dual screen, motion, classic) should also be a standard across the board, and that's something Nintendo does very well. Play how YOU like to play. And it gives a broad spectrum of tools for developers to make any type of game they wish. Pikmin 3 is a great example, only made possible by multiple controller options.

Again, Nintendo is not perfect. But, all the focus seems to fall on What Nintendo doesn't have compared to rival consoles, yet no focus whatsoever is given to what rival consoles do not have compared to Nintendo. And these are some pretty important features too! No online social gaming site integration? In 2014? That's a pretty glaring omission IMO.

So it's tit for tat really. I can't use party chat on Wii U, thankfully for me I don't play online much at all, and when I do (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate) the game itself provides voice chat. What I CAN do, however, is post comments and pics on Miiverse, and that to me is worth more than party chat. In an ideal world Nintendo would have both features, and in an ideal world Sony and MS would have both features, but we don't live in an ideal world.

And in the end all that stuff is just fluff anyways. It's the games that matter. I refuse to pay subscription fees for online, so I have no party chat on my PS4 or X1 either. And I could sit here and complain about how they charge all day long, but in the end I really don't care. I just want to play the games...

randomass1711409d ago

What's this? An objective look at Nintendo's online presence that points out good and bad things? Who knew that Nintendo fans could be sensible creatures? :O lol In all seriousness I love my Wii U despite its shortcomings and it makes a great companion to my PS4. I don't care what anyone says I think this will be a great generation for everyone involved. :)

pcz1410d ago

i dont think nintendo are motivated purely by being different. i think they are now heavily motivated by creating hardware and software that is low cost while producing maximum profit. this is reflected by practically all their consoles the last two generations or so.

being different doesnt have to mean using old tech or releasing mini-games and party games. but this is the route nintendo has gone. its obviously not about being different, its about spending as little as they can on production costs, while charging as much as they can for the end product.

the end result is, even their AAA games will have small budgets (in comparison to AAA games on their competitors consoles,) so yes, we might get a quality game, but they get to produce it at a massive saving.

but not all the games are of that quality, as the mini games and party games prove.

not only that, but the console suffers because third parties cant port their current games to it because its obsolete tech.

nintendo really need a new business model, because this one completely sucks, the only real winners are nintendo!

jholden32491410d ago

That's not entirely true. Wii U can handle any PS3 or 360 port, yet it's not getting them regardless of that fact. Power isn't preventing anything. The fact western AAA games don't sell to the fanbase is the real reason. And all the power in the world won't change that fact.

I'm with you when it comes to the mini games. But I do have some good news. Miamoto recently stated in an interview that Nintendo is done with the mini games, with the casual-oriented games, and the like. He said they're done chasing that segment of the market, and from here on out Nintendo will be solely focusing on the core gamers. Now, that doesn't mean western AAA gamers. Nintendo will continue to offer an alternative product with alternative games to mainstream, but they will be games based on skill rather than casual luck. Mario Party has always been around and that franchise will continue to go strong, but as far as the Wii Fit U's and Wii Party U's, we won't be seeing anymore of them.

And I really don't think the amount of money spent on a game is any concern to us. Least not to me anyways. When I buy a game all that I care about is A) is it fun B) do the graphics detract from the entertainment value. I don't think there's a game out there where the graphics are so bad that it makes me enjoy the game less. In fact, most Nintendo games look nearly as good as games on rival consoles (Yoshi's Wooly World vs Little Big Planet 3). Just because they're not spending $500 million on every game, doesn't mean the game won't look good or play well or be just as fun. The only time one needs to spend that much money is when focusing on realism, and none of Nintendo's games are realism-based.

I just like playing fun games man... I own all three consoles and both handhelds because fun games are everywhere. But it seems most gamers look for reasons to dismiss entire catalogs. Like, "Wii U has no AAA games, THEREFORE it's not legit". I already own 2 perfectly good consoles with AAA games. I don't need a third. I'd much rather that third console have different games of its own. Which it does, and I'm glad. And they're every bit as fun as the games with $500 million budgets.

In the end, I think gamers should just focus more on enjoying fun games rather than finding reasons to not enjoy them.

pcz1410d ago

''Wii U can handle any PS3 or 360 port, yet it's not getting them regardless of that fact.''

the ps3/360 came out years ago. thats last generation.

'' Power isn't preventing anything''

it is, because what you get is an inferior version. when you have competition putting out superior versions, thats bad news. what is motivating people to chose the wiiu version of a game over its counterparts?

''from here on out Nintendo will be solely focusing on the core gamers''

we heard that right from the get go with wiiu. we were told it was going to be for the core gamer and still nintendo put out BS games like nintendoland and wario game and watch. yes, we are starting to see some core games now, but its far to late.

'' Just because they're not spending $500 million on every game, doesn't mean the game won't look good or play well or be just as fun.''

the production values suffer. if the competition are making AAA games with huge budgets, and you are making your games on quarter of the cost (and inferior tech), it will show. nintendo always used to be at the forefront when it came to investing in new cutting edge tech, but now they make games in a cooker cutter fashion. i mean, compare new super mario bros wiiu to rayman legends. production value wise, rayman is leagues ahead.

i admit the yoshi game does look like a step in the right direction. it has style and flair. something NSMBU was totally void of.

we all want to have fun, yes, but if i invest in the next gen, i want to see, hear, feel the benefit of that investment. nintendo cant keep relying on gimmicks in the place of technical leaps forward.

remember how problematic it became for the wii during the last few years of last gen? it didnt have long enough legs... the ps3/360 had powerful tech allowing devs to push them for years and years before maxing them out, the wii just couldnt keep up. i fear the same will happen to wiiu. maybe its happening already since ports are being gimped.

N4g_null1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Pcz really all of the consoles are last gen and super weak sauce. None of them can do full on 1080 at 60fps... I have tech in phones shooting for that on my desk right now. I'm mean none of them support 4k in any form what so ever yet phone do wtf! you really going to complain about weak hardware when the tech in the ps4 and xbone are from 2007? Really?

Gddr5 my butt did they fix the hsa problem so it can actually be used oh and what are we going to do about complex branching code... I know let's make another fetch quest! The apu sucks and it's new.

So now wireless displays with touch screens are old tech? Good game play is cheap? Tell that to the steady growing list of mediocre games that treat power as a gimmick.

I hear bayo2, w101, smw3d, hyrule, even ninja gaiden was fixed... pik man and I'm sorry the game play in nintendo land will kick your ars. Those mini games are more engrossing than asscreed or titanfall or what ever fetch quest spawn camping game you can list. Please name one game you are playing right now on ps4 or xbone that you are not forcing yourself to play because you are bored. Maybe you should get a wiiu and stop believing in the hate.

You are complaining about ports of mediocre games right now. There is literally nothing out that is must have after we got past the hype on ps4 and xbone. 3rd party is really stinking it up right now.

You are starting to sound out of touch man. Do you own a game store are something? Oh and Nintendo gave us a hardcore system you just feel for the pr. I mean how much money have you wasted on the other consoles by now? None well good for you! Just remember the same guys milking you are the same ones using graphics to make you buy realistic fetch quest and shooters that require no skill. Story never really needed power... ask the ps2!

marloc_x1410d ago

Production value suffers?!

Profit margins suffer with Inflated budgets..and so do overhyped games.

Shin'en has a staff of how many?

Super Mario 3D World sold in 3 days what shiny, 1080i KZ:Shadowfall managed in a month.

Then they run out of gas on a subscription model where they are expected for "free"..

Jyndal1410d ago

After reading the article, it seems to me that the author is trying to compare apples to oranges. Nintendo doesn't want to compete at the same level as MS and Sony, and it's part of what makes Nintendo something of an enigma. There are games on Nintendo that you simply can't get anywhere else and those games have more history and lore than anything Sony or MS can offer up in their own exclusives.

Nintendo has already proven that graphics, online niceties, and 3rd party development take a backseat to fun. That's where Nintendo has everyone else stymied. Fun, plain and simple, is Nintendo's focus, and the other consoles, with their latest and greatest gimmicks, can't seem to come up with anything innovative. It's become a game of "they did it, so we have to do it better".

I'm glad Nintendo is the odd bird out, and I hope they stay that way. It's gotten them by for 30 years, and I'm sure it'll get them by 30 more.

Realplaya1410d ago

Like many, I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros. for 3DS over the weekend, and found that I needed to download the game’s latest patch in order to play online.

Did anyone consider this patch was already planned so they could have the game ready to go on day 1?
At least it wasn't a game breaking bug patch.

Give Nintendo a lot of flak but at least the game wasn't delayed and they did before the game was released soooooooo he could have downloaded the patch at midnight.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1410d ago

it was for conquest mode not online

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