EDGE ranks the ten best games of the generation

The new wave of consoles have been out for quite some time. As such, EDGE decided to take one last look at the past generation of systems by choosing the top ten games of that era.

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Geobros1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Nice list!!

xHeavYx1328d ago

That's a horrible list IMO. COD made the top 10? What a joke

mochachino1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

COD 4 revolutionized FPS games, every FPS that came afterwards has a bit of COD in it.

At the time the game was fantastic, the only problem with the COD series is that they've essentially made the same game over and over every year ever since.

zeal0us1328d ago

Well to be fair it was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Usually I see people stating this was one of the best CoD games in the series.

Also to be fair its quite hard to make a top 10 list(that everyone would agree on) when last gen last almost 10 years.

Sitdown1328d ago

Obligatory knock on COD huh? While I don't necessarily agree with Mochachino that COD 4 revolutionized FPS games, thought that honor had been given to Halo, it is often considered as the pinnacle of the COD franchise.

mikeslemonade1328d ago

Revised and better list:

1. COD4
2. Uncharted 2
3. Gears of War 1
4. Bioshock
5. Mass Effect
6. The Last of Us
7. GTA5
8. Bayonetta
9. Red Dead
10. Portal

breakpad1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

No MGS4 ?? or VAnquish ? at least like VAnquish there is no other game out there ...and when i say none i mean it ..No game managed to revolutionize action gaming like Vanquish and its quality is over the had not sales but makes Gears of War (and every other actionTPS) to run for their money

dcortz20271328d ago

COD4 was epic when it came out. Even COD haters will admit it. COD today is recycled trash with camper friendly maps. No creativity at all. They added so many unnecessary garbage and made the game nub friendly.

bouzebbal1328d ago

i played 7/10.
Super Mario Galaxy and TLoU are the best of all the others imo

HighResHero1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I have to agree HeavY. Even though COD4 was good, I feel that that franchise had more of a negative effect in general.

"COD 4 revolutionized FPS games, every FPS that came afterwards has a bit of COD in it."
That is also a bad thing. Many would say it ruined many games, including non FPS games. Of course you are correct to an extent though.

Also a lot of the stuff that COD got praised for were already in Counterstrike etc. mods 10 years ago.

scark921328d ago

COD4 is fantastic imo I am glad it made the list! I am much happier than LBP did too! It is not the worst list!

Sashamaz1328d ago

Not a single Moba on that list LoL should be on there (No Dota please)
What about Batman AA, it has changed fighting systems in many games and is probably the 1st super hero game done right
Mass effect - It filled a gap in story telling that I felt was much needed.
Gears of War 1 - Dude bro nuff said
Assassin's Creed - It might have had issues of being repetitive but the game was definitely a revolution

ABizzel11328d ago

I don't know if I'd say these all were the top 10, but I'd say it's a good list if it's most influential. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are interchangeable (they should put a slash there)

As much as I love Bayonetta I don't think it should be on this list, or Street Fighter.

Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, Gears of War 3, MGS4, Bioshock, Twilight Princess, Heavy Rain, God of War 3 are all just as deserving IMO of being on this list.

One things for sure it was a great generation.

frostypants1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Good list.

COD4 was awesome. It's the followups that sucked.

Also, putting Dark Souls #1 = win. That game and Demon's Souls are my favorite games of the last decade.

I only disagree with the placement of GTA V, which felt like just another GTA 3 rehash to me.

WombBat1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )


I love you.

vanquish is one the best games of the last generation when we speak of gameplay. that game was sooooo fluid and fast paced, i wish there was like multiplayer or something.

I cant believe theres no gears or halo. id take out a few of those games and replace them

zeuanimals1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

"COD 4 revolutionized FPS games, every FPS that came afterwards has a bit of COD in it."

I really don't see how it revolutionized anything. It added an XP bar to MP, sure, but I'd hardly call that revolutionary. Everything else was pretty standard stuff. I guess it also brought regenerating health, but I'm pretty sure games did that before too. What it did do was create an incredibly linear and boring set piece shooter that people seemed to like 7 years ago (I didn't care for it), I don't think I like what it did to the FPS genre.


Don't get me wrong, the game's not bad in any sense (except for the rather lackluster SP), I'd even say it's one of the best modern online FPS games I've played, but it didn't do anything "revolutionary".

midnight_231328d ago

In my life in gaming, cod 4 is a legendary game.

darren_poolies1328d ago

COD4 was fucking fantastic and I'm glad Edge shares as much love for Dark Souls as I do, may favourite game of all time.

BitbyDeath1328d ago

I can understand COD being on there but honestly the following should not have made it -

Super Street Fighter IV

Uncharted 2 should be on the list, as like with COD a number of devs were influenced by it with their own games.

I'd also include Heavy Rain as it was amazing and unique.

And 3rd I would add Gears of War 1/MGS4.
Take your pick there, both were insanely popular.

Ezz20131328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

guys guys
it's just a list

i don't know what the point of fighting over those list every damn time
it's just their opinion ...that's all
you can't tel them their opinion is wrong or laughable because you disagree
you can do the same and you will have someone who will laugh at your list too

make your own list ...that's what matter to you

solar1328d ago

i want to know how CoD:4 revolutionized the FPS genre per mochachino. the only thing CoD:4 did was make FPS mainstream on console. everything other then the stupid kill streak perks had been done before hand.

RosweeSon1328d ago

Yeah recent call of dutys are awful but there's no disputing modern warfare 1 changed the game and was epic everyone played that online and if not the following years, got bored by modern warfare 2 black ops 2 still great games just same old same old, list isn't far off tho bayonetta was awesome mario Galaxy 1 is much better than 2, Red dead, GTA5 not bad at all would have Prob slipped batman arkham City in myself and remove dark souls as it's not my bag suprised to see it at number 1 but edge don't feck about. Just because I don't like doesn't mean people do i know my friends a fan but yeah not a bad list that one, now for next/new gen! ;)

Insomnia_841328d ago

They need to replace Dark Souls with DEMONS SOULS ffs!!!!

assdan1328d ago

Yeah. COD4 deserves that. This is a great top 10 list for the gen. I personally would take boyonetta off and put UC2 on, and then replace dark souls with Demon's souls.

mokkeyrg21328d ago

cod4 is the best cod yet so yes it makes top 10!

guitarded771327d ago

CoD 4 may not be on my top 10, but it was the breakthrough shooter for last gen. Anyone who denies it is lying to themselves.

One that has to be in my top 10 is Journey. It was IMO one of the ten best for me.

DragonKnight1327d ago

I'm glad a Souls game was #1 considering it revitalized challenge in the age of casuals, but they chose the wrong game. Demon's Souls should be the choice, it has yet to be surpassed in overall quality. Most veterans of the Souls series that I speak to on a regular basis consistently state that Demon's Souls is the best of the series and with really good reason.

Either way, I'm not gonna complain that a Souls game is number 1.

Prime1571327d ago

I really need someone to help me with the COD aspect...

I must be old as I miss arena shooters like ut99...

jrshankill1327d ago

To be honest, I personally think Super Mario Galaxy 2 should be rated higher than Super Mario Galaxy 1. Super Street Fighter IV should also be ranked higher than Dark Souls.

Just my opinion though.

Kumomeme1327d ago

COD revolutionize fps?
not really...lot of stuff in there already present in other games before just being used again

Jaqen_Hghar1327d ago

COD 4 actually had a good SP and reinvented online MP. It deserves a spot.

MazzingerZ1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Yeah, I'm right there with you, Vanquish was a fantastic game! worth your money every second of it and lets you asking for more!

Not directly commenting EDGE's list but just wanted to let you know there's more like you that specially loved that game

When it comes to this kind of list, even in one platform I have difficulties making a Top 10, let alone across all platforms, it was a great generation and the most fair is a list per platform so more of those great games receives the recognition they can easily make a top 20 in each of them where number 20 will still be a great game.

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Starbucks_Fan1328d ago

which generation? did you even read the article?

OutcastMosquito1328d ago

Starbucks has disgusting coffee. Tim Hortons has way better coffe at a better price too.

DragonKnight1327d ago

TIMMIES! Damn right. I get I Hot Choffee myself. That's 3/4 Hot chocolate and 1/4 coffee. Frickin' amazing drink, and you can get a large for $1.90 where Starbucks it'd cost like $4.

3-4-51328d ago

Terrible List.

* Read Dead definitely belongs on there.

* GTA 4 was MUCH better than GTA 5 in terms of fun and gameplay. GTA 5 was a step back...gameplay wise it feels like an OG Xbox game like GTA 3 or something.

* COD should be at least in the top 20 for how it changed the FPS landscape, but nothing higher than 15.

They are missing Handheld & PC games from that list, therefore it's a bogus list.

I_am_Batman1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

*Red Dead Redemption is at number 6.

*You're the first person I've ever seen that prefers GTA 4 over 5.

*You can't expect any top 10 list to have the same games as your own. All of the games on the list are critically acclaimed therefore it's a legit list. Of course I could name dozens of games that would've deserved to be on a list like this but it's only a top 10 list after all.

-Foxtrot1328d ago

GTA4 was more "fun" then GTA5....Whaaaaaa

MysticStrummer1328d ago

I liked GTA4's story better than 5's, but overall GTA5 was a better game imo.

Alicornium1328d ago

"GTA 4 was Much better than GTA 5 in terms of fun and gameplay"

HAHAHAH! Keep dreaming, bud

Chard1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

GTA4 was nowhere near as good as V. I've been a big GTA fan since the GTA1, and 4 was a letdown. Every character other than Niko was unbearable, the driving was less fun, they took out several cool weapons etc. V brought back everything I like about the series, but 4 was the tipping point for me when I realised how unreliable mainstream reviews had become.
Also COD4 deserves all the praise it gets imo.

midnight_231328d ago

I think I see where your coming from when you say "gta 4 was much better than gta 5 in terms of fun and gameplay." The only thing I liked more about gta 4's gameplay over 5's was the physics system and I believe that is the MOST IMPORTANT part of gta's gameplay. It almost entirely makes the sandbox. I think I may have liked the driving in 4 as well, but 5's is enjoyable too. But in the end 5 surpasses 4 in almost every aspect of a gta game. But, I just wish the old physics system was integrated in 5. It felt downgraded in many ways compared to 4 the way I saw it. There was more weight to it and it felt more realistic.

Plagasx1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I actually felt retarded after reading this:

"GTA 4 was MUCH better than GTA 5 in terms of fun and gameplay"

...You can't be serious. It is a FACT that GTA V is leaps better than GTA IV.

Better story? Now that is debatable...but fun and gameplay? LOL.

RosweeSon1328d ago

There is no way GTA4 is better than 5 sorry, GTA4 was a great game for sure but the driving was cack compared to older GTA's the fun was missing the proper laugh out loud fun, sure you can make your own fun on these games but not only does 5 look and play better it's just all around better no one hassling you to go bowling every 10-15 minutes. GTA5 all day every day people just reviewed number 4 far to high left no room for a better review(s) which gta5 deserved without a shadow of doubt.

3-4-51328d ago

I KNOW Read Dead is there...IT BELONGS THERE.

* GTA 4s Physics = Realistic

* GTA 5 physics = Fake & last last gen.

DragonKnight1327d ago

Nobody is ever going to put Handheld or PC games on these lists. They aren't ever in the same league of consciousness that console games are. PC games have no advertisement and rely on the users to find them themselves, and handheld games are the afterthought people have when they can't game on consoles for some reason.


" GTA 5 was a step back...gameplay wise it feels like an OG Xbox game like GTA 3 or something."

I can't believe I just read that....

whaaaaaa ???????

let me get this right, GTA5 plays more like the old classic GTA's like GTA3 and Vice City, and that is suppose to be a bad thing?

Most gamers I know hated GTA4 because it was not as much fun as the past GTA games like 3, vice city, San Andreas.

I am having a hard time believing you actually wrote that.

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Clunkyd1328d ago

No PC exclusives on the list.... :(

johndoe112111328d ago

Exactly which pc exclusive deserves to be on that list???

ScottyHoss1328d ago

I've never gamed PC (let's talk as gamers not as adversaries), but I plan on building one soon, what games would you say should have made the list?

frostypants1328d ago

List some that should be. The issue is that the PC hasn't HAD any exclusives worthy of this list. It's been over a decade since such a game was exclusive to the PC.

lelo2play1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

"Exactly which pc exclusive deserves to be on that list???"

Civ 5, Starcraft 2, Witcher... among other games released this year like Divinity Original Sin or Wasteland 2. Anyone of these games I would put in my top list of games.
What about the countless MMO's and MOBA's the PC has? What about promising games to be released in the next few months like Pillars of Eternity, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Grim Dawn or Star Citizen?
Who ever says PC doesn't have exclusives, must live in a cave.

Take a look at PC exclusives released on 2014 or to be released on 2015...

AKS1328d ago

You can get about half of them on PC. What does it matter if it's exclusive to PC?

You'll have access to every Valve game on PC and incredible Steam sales. You can get Blizzard's games. Tons of superb strategy/ RTS games. Mouse and keyboard works extremely well for certain genres. And Half-Life 3...someday...maybe. That's not enough motivation to interest you?

Clunkyd1328d ago

Yeah I agree, most PC games are bland.

MysticStrummer1328d ago

"of the generation" should have told you not to expect PC games on this list. If it said "of the last decade" then I'd say you have a legit complaint/gripe/question. PCs don't have well defined generations like consoles do.

I didn't hit disagree by the way.

Seafort1327d ago

A few of the games on the list started as PC exclusives but were ported to consoles later.

Clunkyd no point mentioning PC games on N4G as PC gamers and gaming is hated here.

It's a console haven where everything PC is downrated.

Check out most of the comments above mine as evidence.

The only reason PC exclusives don't get noticed is because they don't have multi billion dollar companies behind them and multi million dollar marketing campaigns to support them.

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DragonbornZ1328d ago

Good list, but I think Mass Effect should've been on there.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1328d ago

No halo 3 or Gears of war!!!???

Magicite1328d ago

You must be kidding, They must be kidding!!!

garos821328d ago

agreed . ive played all of them and have enjoyed each and everyone of them. Dark souls/demon souls have been my favourite last gen followed closely by the last of us

Rodney251328d ago

No matter how many dislikes I get I still say MGS4 was one of the biggest disappointments I've had. The game was 90% cutscenes 1% stealth and 9% Metal Gears of war. It always astonishes me how people consider it to be so great. What was good about it? No seriously. The gameplay mechanics you barley got to use, the ridiculous story where everything is explained with Nano-machines, The game taking a dump on Snake every turn? I really don't care for dislikes about this topic because people obviously don't agree but MGS3 was still the best.

C-H-E-F1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

no MGS4 ??? lmfao wow... I'm done

callahan091327d ago

Hard to argue with Dark Souls at #1 for me personally, though Demon's Souls was better in my opinion.

Where is Uncharted 2? That game was purely brilliant from top to bottom and is most likely one of the most influential games of the generation in terms of how designers are making single-player story-campaign experiences in action games ever since.

LittleBigPlanet is unquestionably a better and more important game than Bayonetta, and it's an effing joke that it's not higher on the list. The rest above it, I guess you could make a case for depending on taste... but come on, Bayonetta was not a better or more important game than LBP.

otherZinc1327d ago

What a terrible list!
This is why I don't trust reviewers.

Nuts created this list.

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Starbucks_Fan1328d ago

Dark Souls at number 1? Interesting...

Mr_Writer851328d ago

Yeah I'm baffled by that also.

For starters Demon Souls is a better Souls game.

For me, GTA5 instead of 4

And TLOU in 1st with Demon Souls 2nd.

The others are fine.

AKS1328d ago

Dark Souls and Demon's Souls were pretty close. Demon's Souls was a bit more challenging and had the advantage of being the first in this epic series, but I can't think of many games with a more spectacularly integrated game world or with a melee better combat system than Dark Souls. Also, the covenant system was a very welcome edition despite some quirks. Preferences vary, but either would have been an excellent choice for the top spot.

Anon19741327d ago

I agree. For me, TLOU was simply the best gaming experience I've had this past generation. Easily my top game. Demon Souls would also have been my next pick. Dark Souls just felt like a rehash to me and I could never get into it. I'm firmly in the GTA4 camp rather than GTA5. Again, that's just personal preference. GTA4's story just gripped me more than GTA5 which I don't think I got half way through before I grew bored. I might give it another crack on the PS4 if I have nothing else to play.

Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2, Gears of War 2 and Skyrim would have also made my top list. Bioshock should have been somewhere up there too. Again, it just comes down to personal preference. There's nothing on this list that seems out of place. It's a solid list. Just not my list. :)

-Foxtrot1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Dark Souls over Demon Souls...come on

Dark Souls came from Demon Souls so at least with Demon Souls it was fresh, new and amazing for your first time playing a game like that.

I'd have to take Super Street Fighter IV or COD off and replace it with Bioshock