Sleeping Dogs Definitive Unplayable in Germany

Sleeping Dogs is getting an improved release on new gen consoles and PC. Sleeping Dogs Definitive contains improved graphics and all previously released DLC. In Germany, however, this is all completely useless, as the game isn't actually able to start.

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Geobros1262d ago

wow!! Germany is a european country, right?

Baka-akaB1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

"would you have a direct source for your information concerning EU trade law?"

So if there is no direct source in the law you'll behave like a bunch of ass*ats and not unblock the game ? Only the law would make you move ?

They've gone above and beyond and they know it . It's one thing to prevent people from purchasing the disc and digital copies . But vpn blocking is the stuff of zealots , when german authorities probably didnt even require it

tigertron1262d ago

Well that sucks, sorry to hear about that. =/

Parsti1262d ago

You can still import it from the UK or Austria if you want the german version. It's not IP blocked i think (not like wolfenstein). In the ps3/xbox360 version the violence was cut back a little.

theshredded1262d ago

One of my favorites,I'll have the platinum by tomorrow

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