The Final Fantasy All-Time Power Rankings: How Does Your Favorite FF Stack Up?

FHM: Final Fantasy fans had a massive nerdgasm when Square Enix revealed the epic trailer for Final Fantasy XV at the Tokyo Games Show two weeks ago. And after seeing all the action, the bromance, the hot babe, and the hype the five-minute clip built, we thought of reviving the immortal question that has ruined friendships and possibly, marriages: Which FF gal has the biggest cup size What’s the best Final Fantasy game of all time?

Today we get to settle that, once and for all.

So, to all our fellow gamers who love babes as much as they love ultra-dramatic RPGs (and RPG babes), put your Chocobo hat on! We’re ranking all the Final Fantasy games from the main series (sorry, folks, no Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core or Final Fantasy X-2!) to check out which reigns supreme.

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-Foxtrot1415d ago

Whaaa...something FF7 related is Number One

Wow did not see that coming /s

Magicite1414d ago

FF9 was my first and still remains as most favorite.

jjonez181414d ago

Never forget your first. Unless it's a sequel.

FFX for me.

Tzuno1412d ago

true, ff9 is the best.

killacal131414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Well, they could have put something else in the number one spot to be different, but hey, maybe the writer loves FFVII like me, opinions after all. I also love Final fantasy tactics with a passion.

kalkano1415d ago

Respectable list. Here's mine (top 10):

9) FF2
8) FF3
7) FF5
6) FF4
5) FF9
4) FF8
3) FF6
2) FF7
1) FF10

dasbeer881414d ago

I still haven't played IX yet, and I have VII and VIII on Steam. If Square brought IX to Steam, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

UltraNova1414d ago

FF 7-10 are equally great and easily must plays, with a slight notch to the top spot for FF7 because it gave us the 1st 3D FF game.

raWfodog1414d ago

The only FF's I've played are:


So I can't make a top 10 :) but my absolute favorite was FFVII since it was my introduction to the series and elicits the most nostalgic memories. 2nd and 3rd place would be a battle between VIII and IX.

kalkano1414d ago

I don't buy the theory that the first one you play will be your favorite. It happens a lot with 7, because that was the first for a LOT of people. But, really, it's just a fantastic game.

My first was the first one, and it's not even close to my favorite.

I_am_Batman1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I agree with the overall trend of that list. My all-time favorite FF games are VI, VII, VIII and IX.

FFXIII would've been much higher on my personal list though as I really liked that game unlike most FF fans. XII would be lower since I never got into it (played around 20 hours only).

TongkatAli1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I'm playing through IX again, fantastic game.

Phoenix761414d ago

Noticed I had FFV in my download list yesterday. Is it actually number 5? Or is it 3(just renumbered anyone?).

kalkano1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

6 is the one that was renumbered to 3 in the U.S., originally. 5 was never released in the U.S., until the PS1 port.

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The story is too old to be commented.