Destiny Guide: How to Rapidly Level up Exotic Gear

GC - "Exotic items in Destiny take an awful lot of time to get leveled up but there is a way you can drastically speed up the process."

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TRD4L1fe1379d ago

Do nightfall. case closed

TRD4L1fe1379d ago

I wish people explained why they disagree.

WombBat1379d ago

I didnt disagree, but i think bounties might be faster.

or better yet, if you can couple bounties with strikes, etc. then were in the money

GameSpawn1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I'm with WombBat. When doing bounties before I turn them in I quickly equip any unleveled gear (even if I plan to trash it) and earn the experience for it. Don't waste ANY experience, always equip unleveled gear. Turn in one bounty, check your gear for upgrades, switch out anything that has maxed, and turn in the next bounty and repeat the whole process (you can do all of this without leaving the vendor).

You get more materials from leveled gear than unleveled gear. For example with fully leveled weapons I've gotten up to 6 weapon parts from trashing them (I've only trashed up to fully leveled Blues). Unleveled you usually get 1 from primary and secondary and 2 from heavy; level them up to at least the point you need to use weapon parts to raise them further you can get 2 for primary/secondary and 4 for the heavy weapons.

kneon1379d ago


I think the number of weapons parts you will get from dismantling a fully upgraded weapon is less than the number of weapons parts it took to fully upgrade the weapon in the first place.

Larry L1379d ago

@kneon - He said leveled, not upgraded. From what I've read and noticed myelf as well so I think people are right......when equipment has been leveled up, not even actually upgraded, you get more glimmer and materials for dismantling. I don't think it's some kind of game changer in any way. But if you're someone getting lots of bounties anyway, and you have some stuff in your inventory that's going to be broken down, if you don't mind spending the little extra time switching out equipment to level when turning in those bounties, you might as well. You may not need the extra weapon mats or whatever the armor ones are called from blues and greens, but I wonder if doing this with legendaries or exotics we may have doubles of would get you an extra ascendant material.......which everyone needs more of.

GameSpawn1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )


Yes there are diminishing returns for scrapping weapons and armor that require materials for their upgrades, BUT you can ignore those upgrades and still fully level the weapon/armor and then scrap it for more materials. Just concentrate on upgrades that are free or only require glimmer if you are never going to use the weapons or armor.

Greens are normally maxed with a single bounty turn in (some weapons take two).
Blues get maxed in 3-4 bounties (again weapons sometimes take more than armor).
Purples take A LOT of bounties to max.
Yellows take an excruciating amount of bounties (alone) to max.

With Purple and Yellow weapons/armor you shouldn't rely on bounties alone to level them. Play strikes (playlists or otherwise), do bounties, run patrols (seriously these add up fast in experience and reputation, especially combined with bounties), and just all out use those weapons and armor to kill enemies and take damage (armor levels from damage as well as being worn while killing enemies, i don't think dieing helps though).

If you are someone running circles on Mars or Venus and gathering Blues and Greens this way it is not worth leveling the armors and weapons before scrapping because you are gathering the orbs faster than you would be able to level/scrap BUT orb farming meathods DO NOT hold a candle to either playing high level Strikes and Raids that have a 100% or near close to 100% return on Blue and Purple gear or doing bounties and patrols to increase Vanguard Rep or Faction Reps (if you are wearing the faction gear) and then BUYING your legendaries from the respective vendors with exotic weapons coming out of bounties and exotic weapons and armor being bought from Xur on the weekends.

UnHoly_One1378d ago

TRD didn't fully explaing why he suggested the Nightfall strike.

It gives you a 25% increase to all experience and reputation for the week.

So if you do that, then continue to do bounties, etc, you come out further ahead.

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ITPython1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Maxing out armor or weapons is pretty easy, all my legendary armor and weapons are maxed out just from doing bounties on a near constant basis. The problem is the extreme lack of ascendant materials to actually upgrade them.

At one point I was getting ascendant materials from doing the public events, but yesterday I got absolutely nothing and did at least 5 of them (got gold tier on all). And doing the weekly strike solo on the highest level is a massive PITA, and actually impossible at the boss unless I find some way to glitch it. And even then I am spending 2-3 hours trying to complete the strike... all for a measly few strange coins and/or ascendant materials.

The daily at the highest level can be annoyingly difficult depending on what mission it is, but you just have to be careful not to play at the end of the day when they reset the daily, because all your effort will be 100% wasted. This happened to me early this morning and it pissed me off beyond belief. I spent nearly an hour grinding through the daily, and once I finally finished it I got NOTHING. No ascendant materials, no XP, and not even the crappy engram. All because I finished it after they had already changed the daily mission. (which is at 2 AM PST).

I am not even considering the nightfall, which would be guaranteed 100% impossible for a solo level 26 and probably still impossible even if I managed to find two really good friends to play with.

Some of the higher level difficulties in this game are ridiculously hard and unbelievably aggravating, reminds me a lot of Vanquish. Personally I HATE that aspect of this game, everything is pretty fun and casual until you start doing level 24/28 heroic daily and weekly's, then it becomes a nightmare in which I curse Bungie's name and hope they (and their family's) all die a horrible painful death.

Back-to-Back1379d ago

Do a nightfall
-Do bounties
-Pop a telemetry pack
-Turn in bounties

Both xp bonuses stack

ghostface91379d ago

how does one get an exotic gun

WombBat1379d ago

One purchases it with strange coins from Xur the merchant of nine, or one does exotic bounties which appear once you turn in multiple bounties at the same time.

orrrrrrr, one randomly recieves it from a raid/strike/crucible.

InTheZoneAC1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

or you buy a faction class item from one of the vendors, equip it, and all rep gained for crucible and vanguard apply to that faction.

After leveling that to 2 or 3 you get to buy their weapons and armor, which is all legendary

If you haven't spent many marks you will be sitting good once you level it up to 2.

----------------------------- ---------
For some reason I get legendary/exotic backwards with this game some times when I type. You'd think legendary would be the hardest(gold) to get and exotic would be purple. Instead they have it the other way around. What I typed earlier is still correct though...

I got my exotic chest piece and assault rifle from Xur

I got my legendary helmet from an engram during a strike, and both my gauntlets/legs from a vendor.

Daves1379d ago

Just for the record.

My Level 27 finally got an exotic bounty yesterday.

I handed in ONE crucible bounty to receive it.

Many have said hand in many but I just think it's random, perhaps with a higher chance the higher level you are over 20.

iceman061379d ago

@Daves...I think you are right about that. I turned in multiple (3-5) bounties just about EVERY time that I did them and didn't get the exotic bounty. However, once I hit my FWC level 1, I got my first one with ONE bounty turned in. I've heard that it is tied to the strikes that you do. But, I can't confirm any of that. I was level 26 at the time.

pompombrum1379d ago

Do really badly in cruicible.

KwietStorm1379d ago

lol can't disagree if it ain't lying.

Panthers1379d ago

I seriously think this game is like "damn that dude is bad, we better help him out. here is EXOTICS!!!"

the_dark_one1379d ago

i like the way you made question :D

rebeljoe141379d ago

Got an exotic gun from a legendary engram once the key word is ONCE

HugoDrax1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

1) I turned in multiple bounties in a 3 day period. I was rewarded with a choice between 3 exotic bounties. I chose the quest for the "Pocket Infinity" fusion rifle.

2) I turned in more bounties, and was rewarded with another exotic weapon bounty. I chose the bounty to receive "Thorn" Hand Cannon.

3) I recieved an exotic weapon "Gjallarhorn" Rocket Launcher, from completing my first Weekly Nightfall Strike two days ago.

I'm a level 28 Warlock, and I currently have 3 exotic weapons and 1 exotic piece of armor. Now I just need more content, as I'm officially bored with the current offerings of Destiny. Hopefully, the DLC I paid for releases sometime soon.

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solidsnake2221379d ago

That's actually a good trick. The article says to equip maxed out gear plus your exotic, and all of the xp will go to the exotic instead of being divided among all of your gear.

GamersHeaven1379d ago

You can purchase stuff from Xur forgot the name for 1 strange coin last 30 mins increases your xp levels up your weapon faster.I have a eleven exotic weapons only two maxed out so far working on some of my legendary weapons.

GuruStarr781379d ago

I'm done leveling up suros regime and zombie apocalypse... working on my universal remote primary shotgun. only got two upgrades left to my leg armor and I'm done with my armor..

almost ready for the iron banner!

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