Underrated Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare goes on sale for all consoles

The very underrated Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare goes on sale for the PlayStation 4 ($30.00), Xbox One ($29.98), Xbox 360 ($22.50) and PlayStation 3 ($22.50).

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Mikefizzled1413d ago

Lots and lots of fun. Got to rank 50 on it and it was well worth the £30 I bought it for at launch.

badz1491413d ago

What I don't get is the reception this game is getting. The main game is basically a tower defence with PvZ skin. Much like R&C Q-Force but the reception is totally different. Is it because of the name?

jib1413d ago

The tower defense mode you're referring to is called Garden Ops & isn't the main game--Its "Garden & Graveyards" which is what most people play. Its a lot like battlefield's rush mode

zeee1413d ago

Waiting for this to fall under $15. Probably gonna happen around black Friday. Looks like a great game!

3-4-51413d ago

Such a fun and underrated game.

jib1413d ago

a steal IMO. most played game for my PS4 so far

Ripsta7th1413d ago

Wow really?! My most played game on ps4 is Bf4

jib1413d ago

Yep, don't let it being "PVZ" fool you. Its a lot of fun & I'm a hardcore BF player as well

BC2:700 hours -

BF3:375 hours -

BF4:75 hours -

amnalehu1413d ago

This game is great. It's actually one of the best 3rd person shooters i've ever played. Tons of modes. Lots of upgrades. It's one of the few games that makes me laugh each time i get killed.

iSuperSaiyanGod1413d ago

Best ps4 game so far imo . I have shadow of Mordor , ac4 , Destiny , injustice , infamous , ghost , battlefield , watch dogs & madden . By far PVZ is the best !

monkey6021413d ago

I got the platinum trophy in this only last night and it was the most fun I have had with a game in a long time!

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The story is too old to be commented.