Joystiq eyes and ears-on: Guitar Hero: World Tour

Kevin: "Electronic Arts invited us out to the House of Blues last week, which was a fitting place to give us a first look at Guitar Hero: World Tour in action. Though we didn't get to play it, we did watch the folks from RedOctane take a spin through all the new features. Suffice it to say, this isn't simply Guitar Hero: Rock Band ... which is what we thought it might turn out to be. Read on after the break to find out why you'll soon have a closet filled with enough peripherals to make your own one-man band.

The first thing we noticed about the setup was the drum set ... well, obviously. You've probably seen the photos by now, but these drums have three pads, a bass pedal, and two elevated wedges that serve as a high-hat and a cymbal. Now you can supply the "badump CRASH" sound effects for your own jokes, just like you've always wanted to. RedOctane let us know that the drum kit will be wireless (no word on how many batteries it'll take yet) and feature velocity-sensitive drumpads, stick holders, and may (or may not, hello third party!) come with a circular insert for the bass-kicker, so you can display the name of your band. The one they had on it simply said "Guitar Hero", but we'll wager someone will jump on this."

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