Sunset Overdrive Has Challenges, a Profanity Filter, and More

JBG News recaps some of the recent information released about Sunset Overdrive, such as challenges and its profanity/gore filters.

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tinynuggins1385d ago

The profanity filter is much appreciated. My 4 year old watched trailers for this game and goes nuts.

4Sh0w1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I won't be using the profanity filter myself and unless I find the content whether its movies or games to be really offensive then generally I dont stop my kids from watching it. The only content I don't let my kids watch is when it's pornographic or when its of a overly graphic/violent nature because I use all the bad examples, point out irresponsibility and talk to them constantly so they learn consequences that come along with that sort of behavior but then my kids are older than 4 so I understand.

ImAPotato1385d ago

Awesome! Just more of an audience by giving more choice!