Crytek Has Nothing To Say About Ryse 2, Xbox One CPU Optimizations Will Be Valid For PC Version

Senior producer Brian Chambers says the company "can't comment" on a sequel.

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ScorpiusX1324d ago

Sell the Ryse IP to MS and you can go back to making PC games without headaches from MS with a nice flush of cash . Come on sell it

Mega241324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I still don't understand why people praise Crytek, they only have managed to produce games with astounding graphic, and mediocre to poor gameplay. Their Cryengine is suffering because they are loosing so much money that they cant lower the high price tag, and its an awesome engine that many indies could benefit from. I just cant stand their gameplay, sucks In my opinion.

starchild1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

That's your opinion. People obviously disagree. I have enjoyed all three Crysis games. They would definitely make it to my top ten best FPS series list, behind series like Half Life and Bioshock but well ahead the vast majority of shooters that get released each year. I find the gameplay to be a lot more dynamic and strategic, at least the way I play them. Gameplay would be one of the last things I would complain about any of the Crysis games.

I have only played a small part of Ryse so far at a friend's house so I can't comment too much about that, but I can say that what I played of it was much better than what people like you had led me to believe. I plan to get the PC version because I enjoyed what I played, and all the gameplay I have watched has also convinced me I will like it.

I don't understand why people that supposedly don't like Crytek's games are so damn vociferous about it. Always in articles spewing their hate. Why don't you just move on to games you do like? There are lots of franchises I could point out that I think are mediocre and many of them are fairly popular franchises around these parts, but I don't bother going around telling people that those games suck.

Mega241324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


Never said I hated them, only said that I don't get the people praising for just graphics, they are losing money because they are focusing on just graphics, and leave out the gameplay a bit dull. Don't get me wrong, I remember Far Cry being one of the best, if not "the" best open world stealth shooter. But their focus since then has been graphics, graphics alone doesn't make a game. Their financials are showing it.

They really need to restructure and get back into the open world games. I still believe in crytek, but their last 4 games have really sucked on the gameplay IMP.

Kumomeme1323d ago

actuallly stuff about bad gameplay was true..
crytek ceo had mention that games was about 60% graphics and 40% gameplay..thats what you got for ryse
for crysis,it was shooter/fps

christocolus1324d ago

Will there be a Ryse 2?its either yes or no. Anything outside that means there is something going on in the background.

I personally hope MS and crytek are able reach an agreement. That game had some serious potential it deserves a sequel and MS could easily fund it.

thekhurg1324d ago

Why keep it exclusive to a console that's not delivering? Make it multiplatform and it will be better for Crytek.

ScorpiusX1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

So is that an argument for all games or just the one's not on your preferred console, as for the console it delivering while having only been on the market for less than a year.

gamer11381324d ago

What exactly is the xbox one not delivering? If anything it was Ryse 1 that did not deliver. If crytek had added more substance to the game then maybe it would have sold more because it would have been a better game. Playing Shadow of Mordor recently just makes me feel that Ryse 1 could have been so much more if Crytek weren't so focused on graphics and cinematic presentation.

lifeisgamesok1324d ago

Yes my friend they're definitely some closed door meetings being held abou the future of the IP

Personally being a guy that loves Greek mythology and Roman history I freaking love Ryse it's my favorite next gen game

Ryse 2 please

Bigpappy1323d ago

It is still my favorite game this Gen also. Love the aggression.

wannabe gamer1324d ago

lol label my comment as trolling as if what i said isn't true. MS has honestly screwed up this gen. the storm that followed their unveiling of sports tv sports tv sports tv fiasco is enough to see it. since then they have backpedalled and scrambled to appease people but it was too late for them to change the core architecture of the system radically enough to make realistic difference.

christocolus1324d ago

Wth??? Your comment has no relationship with this topic? How does that even affect crytek or MS from funding a sequel to Ryse?

Now you must see why the mods marked you for trolling in the first might be marked again but thist time it will be for going offtopic. Stay relevant to the subject matter dude.

wannabe gamer1323d ago

i was replying to someone, learn the difference.

Trekster_Gamer1324d ago

Agreed, I would preorder Ryse II without a second thought!
Loved Ryse on both playthroughs!

Automatic791324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I agree Ryse 2 on X1 would be sweet. Really hope MS invest.

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Flamingweazel1324d ago

Too many articles lately from a below average developer.....Crytek are pretty crap and there PR is just as bad, Cevat YErli is an arrogant moron.

BludoDaSmelly1324d ago

I'll wat for ryse pc to be bargain price. I have lost faith in crytek to make games.

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