The Quarterly Report: July – September 2014 Gaming Recap

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: Welcome back to the Quarter 3 analysis for 2014 on The Quarterly Report. The Quarterly Report is our podcast in which we review the past quarter, based on games we each liked and games we each disliked or felt didn’t meet expectations. We then also give predictions for the new quarter.

On this episode Tony Polanco, Richard Bailry Jr. Brian Munjoma and I all explain our three best games of the quarterly, and then give one game we were disappointed by. We then proceed to name one game we’re looking forward to next quarter and one game we feel may disappoint.

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rbailey1261d ago

Destiny was easily the most notable release last quarter. However, the game itself does have some issues and while they aren't enough to make the overall package bad this still is disappointing in terms of what was expected of Bungie. Hopefully the DLC expansions can make things better down the road.

MrKennedy1261d ago

This is a good post of a podcast called the quarterly report.

Not the half report or fifth report.

Romudeth1261d ago

I predict that ever racing game coming out in this following quarter will disappoint. None of them are Burnout so I'm not interested.