40 Minutes of Direct Feed Driveclub Videos on PS4 Show Character Creation, Beautiful Gameplay & More

t’s the last Sunday before Driveclub‘s floodgates open, and more gameplay videos are contributing to help with the wait, showing the character creation, lots of racing and more, while the Game Director reveals that the game's PS plus edition will come later in the day with other PS+ Games and won't be available at midnight.

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lifeisgamesok1379d ago

The promotion for this game has been good but I don't know if it'll be all that great. I watched a hour of a stream last night and didn't get any excitement

I think the embargoes are in place for a reason

pedrof931379d ago

Prolly around 8-9 score.

Normally games that have bad feedback before lauch tend to get 6-7 reviews, such has :Ryse,Knack and Destiny.

This one only had good feedback around gameplay and graphics.

Abriael1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Embargos are often in place for reasons different than review shyness.

One, is to give all media outlets a chance to get the review out at the same time, regardless of when they receive the game. No embargo would put big sites (which often receive games earlier) at a big advantage.

Also, to encourage reviewers to put some time in the game, instead of rushing it out to be "first," which, I can tell you without fail, many would do if they could, because "first" reviews unfortunately get a TON of traffic, no matter how crappy they are (just look at day one reviews of Destiny from people that hardly put any time in the game).

Finally, for day one patches, which might be indispensable to fairly judge the game.

In Driveclub's case, my impression is that Sony is pretty damn bullish about the fact that it'll review quite well.

GribbleGrunger1379d ago

Do you personally think it will review well?

Abriael1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

@GribbleGrunger: That would be breaking my review embargo, wouldn't it? :P

Septic1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Haha Gribble you legend. Fair play mate.

Man some of that footage is incredible. It actually looks real. Especially the one in the Audi TT. Just wow.

Septic1378d ago

Yo Abriael. When does the review embargo lift on this? I need to get the review of this one out of early for once (unlike my Horizon 2 one, which I have yet to do).

radler1378d ago

I'm curious to see if DriveClub has had any kind of visual downgrade to allow for the introduction of weather etc. The main reason being that if you watch the third video in the article (BMW F10 M5 gameplay) round the Canada track, you can see that the track is missing a huge amount of trackside scenery that was there in the original gameplay demos that were being posted at E3 last year.

Before any crazed fanboys go nutty with being defensive here, go back and watch the videos yourself and compare. In the case of this one track at least, it really does look much worse in these gameplay videos of the final build of the game, compared to what was shown a year ago. The only thing I can put it down to, is that they must have had to remove a lot of stuff from the tracks to allow weather to be introduced?

Manubiggs1378d ago

And also so there is hype about the game and it is what is being talked about at the time of release. If the embargo is too long before the release date, people have stopped talking baout it by the time it comes out.

solidjun51378d ago

@septic: I believe October 7th.

Abriael1378d ago

@Septic: tomorrow at 9 AM EDT

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bambam19011379d ago

You watched an hour of a game you will never play for a console you will never own? Okay, kid.

aceitman1379d ago

incase someone tries to troll about the bmw having the speedometer on the windshield it is real , they even got that packed down .
here is a video on it.

ger23961379d ago

There should be an embargo on your comments.

BG115791379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Too much promotion is a double edged sword. It can easily be seen as tentative of hyping a game.
It's a tool usually used by several companies to sell a lot of games since day one. I can several examples of this practice : Watch Dogs, Destiny and others. This works well with the critics embargo and pre-orders. People have already bought the game before even seeing any reviews of the games. If it turns out the game sucks, then to bad, you already bought it.
I don't think they can actually do this with DC. DC has an PS+ version that will let anyone to judge the game before deciding if they want to buy it. People doing otherwise have either already play it (or have someone of confidence that has already play it) or are just acting out of belief.

I'm kind of expecting a good/excellent game to, but I'll still give the PS+ version a try before buying it.

MysticStrummer1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I don't know what stream you watched, but I was going to wait for The Evil Within to buy that game, a PS4, and Driveclub. After watching DC streams I'm buying a PS4 and DC this week.

Edit - No options for a guy with a shaved head and short beard. I'm crushed.

aksmashh1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

More important then the reviews will be the free version!! that should tell u if ur like it or not

edqe1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

These guys had pretty much nothing good to say about the game other than it looks fine:

- rubber band AI
- agressive AI; opponents pushed you forcefully on turnings
- continuous "tire sounds"

MysticStrummer1379d ago

I've watched multiple streams and heard no continuous tire sounds in any of them. The devs have been very specific that there is no rubber band AI, and what I've seen leads me to believe them. There are different AI difficulties. I've seen the AI dominate and be dominated. Every streamer I've watched (who spoke english) praised the AI, sound, and general gameplay.

SoapShoes1379d ago

There is no rubber banding in this game... -_-

GameDev11379d ago

"rubber band AI"

Lol even the Game director confirmed there is no rubber band AI, all cars act based on their real life performance

Okay?? Aggressive opponents are now a bad thing? They should just allow you to pass them cause that is so easy and fun

Continous tire sounds? You should get your ears checked, I have watched so many Drive club vids, am pretty sure tire sounds only come up when there is screeching or drifting

troll away

edqe1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )


Those things I mentioned are comments from the guys in the show I linked. They have played the game and didn't like the experience at all.

I have not played the game and therefore I don't have opinion about it yet.

Unfortunately in N4G you get downvoted if you dare to say anything negative about PS4 or its games directly or indirectly. PS4 master race should calm down a little.

amnalehu1379d ago

Evolution has already stated that there is no rubber banding in the game. I hate when people give games bad reviews just because they are either bad at the game or simply didn't like it.

thereapersson1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

"I have not played the game and therefore I don't have opinion about it yet."

Then why are you trying so hard to downplay the game? Looks like trolling to me...

DigitalRaptor1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

@ edqe

"etc"? "ETC"??

Since it's in some kind of Swedish, it would be nice if you went into more detail about what these additional flaws against the game are, other than those negligible and potentially non-existent issues you listed.

The rubber band AI doesn't exist. The developer has confirmed it doesn't and no previews have mentioned it.

Yeah… again, no mention or complaint about the "continuous tire sounds" from ANY previews in the past 12 months, but somehow this is exclusive to the final build that these guys have played…. SMFH.

Just sounds to me like either they are, or you are making stuff up to complain about rather than focus on things that are truly and honestly detrimental to the game. We want honest feedback not deceptive trolling.

edqe1379d ago


It is in Finnish. To me it sounds they were very disappointed to Driveclub. I guess they were waiting different experience they finally got so maybe it is just all about frustration.

They are talking about rubber band AI. Since the game shouldn't have one there has to be other explanation why they said so. Unfortunately they were not more detailed about the problem.

Well, I'm quite sure they are going to publish a video review this week and it is interesting to see if they still have the same opinions about the game.

I have absolute nothing against Driveclub myself and no intention to downplay it.

morganfell1379d ago

When you provide an informed, respectful, but disagreeable comment that is all well and good. But when you spread FUD, and intentionally, that is just trolling.

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dantesparda1379d ago

Come On Life, everybody knows you're a fanboy. Do you really think anybody is going to take you seriously?

elsuperamigo1379d ago

I got the same feeling for this game as i did whit destiny so i went and rented destiny and i was right what a boring game at least this one is free so i won't complain I'll give it a try

GribbleGrunger1379d ago

Why do you keep coming in Driveclub threads? Why don't you go and play Forza Horizon 2?

MysticStrummer1379d ago

Is that a Drivatar in action?

MaximusPrime_1378d ago

was waiting for someone to get that shot. brill!

Rockstar1378d ago

@ lifeisgamesok

I'm shocked that you don't like something that isn't on an MS console!

OT: 1 more day until I get to see this stunning game on my TV!

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ironmonkey1379d ago

Almost everyone that has played it has said nothing but good. But its also an exclusives and thats what i love.

Travis37081379d ago

This game looks awesome, I can't wait for the PS+ version!

blackout1379d ago

PS+ would be the way to go. Can you say FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Scatpants1379d ago

You only get 1 location though. Good if you want to try before you buy I guess.

badz1491379d ago


Don't! Some 'people' might find it offensive and start saying RENTAAAALLLL...

WitWolfy1379d ago

Already bought the PS+ upgrade!

tulholdren1379d ago

Seeing and hearing good things about this Exclusive. Can't wait to have some fun with it myself.

xBraiNshOcK1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Direct feed uploaded to youtube at 720p. No need to put direct feed in the title. On PS4? I wanted Wii U footage.

Thanks for the footage tho.

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