Microsoft reveals staggering hand tracking tech utilizing Kinect 2

Microsoft are a company that spend ridiculous amounts on R&D. Microsoft Research are tasked with finding solutions to complex problems, and whether or not those solutions can be commercialised.

Digitizing hand gestures has been a holy grail of the tech industry ever since the futuristic interfacing tech was theorised in movies like Minority Report and The Matrix, but none have really hit that level of reliability such a system would need in order to replace the precision of touch, and furthermore the classic mouse.

Microsoft Research recently showed off their new Handpose algorithm, which enables gesture tracking fidelity far beyond anything I've seen so far.

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kassler1383d ago

The story of Kinect. Amazing tech that cannot be implemented into gaming, in a successful way.

Foehammer1383d ago

D4 says "Hello"...78 on meteoritic

Dance Central also says "Hello"

Remy_Chaos1382d ago

Didn't know those two games were self aware and could speak...

calis1382d ago

"D4 says "Hello"...78 on meteoritic

Dance Central also says "Hello"

Lol sure put people in their spots with those two high quality games.

EZMickey1382d ago

That's a good point. Never played D4, but Dance Central is a huge seller. I also think The Gunstringer is quite underrated.

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Kivespussi1382d ago

It can be implemented, the problem is it isn't. You could do a lot with Kinect but the devs are afraid to try new things.

boing11382d ago

Because new things rarely sell well.

mcstorm1382d ago

Kivespussi your spot on. Kinect had some good and very well working games. Kinect sports, joyride, Kinectimals, dance central, just dance, forza horizon/forza 4, Fable, FIFA and Steel battalion (but you did have to have the right setup for it to work)

With Kinect 2 we have seen some improvements in games like horizon 2, forza 5, Kinect sport rivals dance central D4, FIFA and NHL.

The biggest issue with Kinect is as you say the developers adding it to there games and with a lot of games being multi platform they just get tagged on where the exclusives is where they tend to stand out as the game is made with Kinect in mind.

For me the best part about the new Kinect is the voice commands it has really changed the way I use my TV/media system but as for gaming its only as good as the developers make it.

There is no doubt though that Kinect as a peace of technology is capable of doing some amazing things.

rainslacker1381d ago

It's actually kind of hard to pull off complicated game play mechanics with motion control. Mostly because it requires too much physical activity on the users part, not for the inability of the motion controllers to be able to handle it.

Motion controls in general aren't inherently bad, but even motion intensive games tend to have short duration where you are actually playing. Anything more and the player just stops playing due to fatigue.

This is more why there isn't a ton of innovation in the MC market, and most controls are spent on simple gestures hopefully spaced out enough to keep the player from getting tired.

Outthink_The_Room1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

It's even more sad if you think about it this way.

If this tech video is really as accurate as it appears to be, developers of almost any size could actually use a multiple setup of Kinects for Motion Capture... a game that won't actually use Kinect.

poppinslops1382d ago

You can already do motion-capture with a single Kinect...
Project Spark lets you create animations for your characters (as well as dialogue and sound-effects).

Outthink_The_Room1382d ago


Yes, but not to the extent which was shown. Basic animations are done, including moving your mouth with some facial reactions, which is cool.

Though, this demonstrates a significantly higher capture for the hands than Project Spark.

Markerless MoCap is very much on the rise in terms of smaller studios. If this hand tracking accuracy could be applied to full body and facial capture, it's a different story and I'd be inclined to agree.

But as of now, I don't see this working outside the realm of offline workflows.

Bigpappy1382d ago

What is even more amazing, is the ability of people on this site and the internet in general, to accurately predict wow and where these features will be used even before M$.

There is definitely a problem with people not willing to wait for accurate information. They prefer to fill in the blanks and submit their predictions as facts.

2cents1382d ago

How very true.

And then suspect gaming sites run rumour based articles on it that then gets the whole internet in a tizzy which then just explodes into an all out fanboy war in the comments section.

By the time MS then come out with an official statement, everyone somehow seems to think that all the rumours were actually released by MS and now they are just liars. lol.

On topic: the tracking does look impressive, as well as the speed. Could be good for navigating the dashboard, minority report style :)

Pleeeease MS, incorporate this into the xbox one user interface!

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n4gamingm1383d ago

Kinect+vr would be awesome.

Outthink_The_Room1382d ago

I agree, to an extent.

Personally I think VR will be rather niche. To then throw on top of that, Kinect functionality, will make it even more niche.

It's a tough sell, especially from a developer/publisher standpoint. Install base for both devices means you have an even smaller potential market.

Shoe-horning Kinect+VR onto existing games would be kind of garbage. To really see some cool and unique ideas would mean it has to be somewhat exclusive. And again, therein lies the problem.

EZMickey1382d ago

This kinda presupposes that there will never be a Kinect+VR product sold as a single experience.

wannabe gamer1382d ago

this already exists and its called head tracking. its been around for awhile

TheNew11383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Wait, is this like a future update for the current kinect?

poppinslops1382d ago


The software was running on a PC and will likely be integrated into Windows 10...
I'd imagine Kinect will eventually be updated in the same way the Xbox is with DX12.

Fishy Fingers1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

The aviators are essential.

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